Ivanka & Jared: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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Ivanka & Jared: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) 4.5

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner hold an incredible amount of political power. That's troubling considering their incredibly small amount of political experience.

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he really say that?

Your president ladies n gentlemen .___.

Автор — LaserGadgets


Ivanka here illustrates the difference between an "answer" and a "response".

Автор — caribman10


She's like an android trying really hard to be human.

Автор — keith2092


“What’s your favourite colour?”


Love that moment, you rock, Mr Oliver (and your writers and researchers)

Автор — Daniel Verberne


Imagine if Obama had appointed Malia and Shasha as advisors, put their boyfriends in charge of peace in the middle east, and the dog in charge of the economy.

Автор — connie473


It's remarkable just HOW on the mark John Oliver was about Ivanka & Jared. Their continued occupation of jobs in the While House may be even scarier than Oliver surmised three years ago! This episode has, sadly, weathered well.

Автор — Ruth Kaufman


Ivanka is so incredibly fake and manufactured for appearance and "mechanically engineered" for approval, it hurts to watch her talk.

Автор — Marie


MESSAGE FROM THE FUTURE 2020: Yep Jared didn't do anything ... zero of the things he was responsible for. They simply did not mention any of all his failures. Ivanka didn't turn out to be level headed, she simply ignored everything crazy from her father and supported him all the way. OHHH and the peace in Middle East plan Jared had, was to ask Isreal to come up with a solution... and he didn't even invite Palestine. Obviously Palestine was angry from the begining, and Jared simply told the Press that Palestine didn't deserve to be part of the negotiations about their own country. So yeah he was a total amateur, not able to even negotiate, it was a joke. Bonus info: Jared couldn't get a security clearence, so Trump had to bypass the process ..Jared was to dirty to get a security clearance.

Автор — salbeik


Old Scottish Proverb: "It is better to remain silent and thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt." Any chance that might be the case here???

Автор — Dennis Challinor


Ivanka's ability to give a speech and simultaneously say nothing is comparable to my ability to get an A on a paper that i bullshitted my way through completely

Автор — Third_Eye_of_The_Slav


“The apple does not fall far from there orange” is the first funny “Trump is orange” joke I’ve heard in a while.

Автор — Bryce


Apparently lying is a very strong genetic trait amongst the First Family of GRIFTERS.

Автор — Coco


Give Jared a break. He's clearly only 15 years old so of course he's quiet, he's a nervous teen.

Автор — ᗯⲁɳⲧⲈqᥙ8s2Ⲛⲉⲉᕍ


Ivanka is dangerous in the same way that Ted Cruz is dangerous – she is entirely dishonest and self-serving, but unlike her father she's competent enough to hide it.

Автор — Breakfast221


In light of the covid response that Jared was in charge of (specifically getting testing kits and distributing ventilators at the beginning), this has certainly aged well.

Автор — Eve Lee


"he's like Alexander Hamilton, he's a great listener-"
Wasn't he known to just...not shut up?

Автор — Softly


Apparently the smartest guy in Kushner s high school didn’t get into Harvard but a below par student like Jared did! It pays to have s rich daddy.

Автор — Michael Knapp


“A Kohl’s mannequin who read a book once” feels particularly apt, given his strategy for the Middle East was to read a couple of books about the Israel-Palestine conflict and then not even invite anyone from Palestine to participate in the negotiations.



Jared Kushner has the look of an ex-SS officer

Автор — Sp0oky F1sh


“What’s your favourite colour?” “Hitler”
Love that joke.

Автор — Daniel Verberne