Carp Fishing BITE ALARM Beginners Guide

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  • ℹ️ Published 3 years ago

A quick overview of carp fishing bite alarms. If you're new to carp angling and all the gear this video is for you. I quickly cover how to set up carp fishing bite alarms, how to use them and features such as sensitivity, volume, tone, drop back indication and LED lights.

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A wonderful intro to bite indication technology, well done Nathan.

Author — William Muschett


Great vid, very informative and very well presented, well done.

Author — sav0505


Useful video. I am from UK and find this very helpful. Thanks for sharing.

Author — Mark Williams


Hey great video. I am def learning a bunch about carp fishing. I'll be ready for ice off here in MB! Those alarms and bait runner reels with dual drag would be also very effective for catfish here in MB which is another bank fishing species popular here.

Author — thebigfresh 187


Great video. U made me think twice before buying

Author — Jajajajjaja Hoi


I have used a very basic manual version of this for catfish for a long time.i believe the design was also european.but looking to get a bit more advanced in how I make em.not going to feed giant tackle buisnesses.

Author — Richard Peterson


I watch alex and carl from the UK. Im interested in carp fishing here in the states. The tackle is expensive and hard to find.

Author — Mr. Koda


You'd always be welcome on my lake if you're ever in London mate!

Author — Perkin Warbeck


What is the thread size and threads per inch? Thank you

Author — Uncle Red


I dont understand the American/Canadian obsession with bass fishing and they probably dont understand the British obsession with carp fishing

Author — James Manning