this is not a vlog of the SoaR house partying..

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the boys drove down to the soar house all the way from philly and i recorded a bunch of footage from the week! expect more vlogs throughout the week and Leave a LIKE if you enjoyed!

fortnite creator code: makz

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Oh man a mak vlog finally lol. Lookin good homie. Keep it up

Author — Speedy ッ (Mobile)


On god there’s always at least one person playing a guitar at every party

Author — Kxltxnnn


this shit was actually dope. more more more

Author — flypt


Shiiit idk where yall learned to party, you could use a bama frat boy recruit like me to help yall spice this party up.

fun af tho, thanks for sharing and going hard SoaR boys

wish I was making more steady content on personal like the old days of running my team to give y’all no doubt to pmu, maybe after this summer graduation.

I’m still sticking around, ain’t shit changed we’ll be back after it soon enough

EDIT: oh SHIT. A little SoarRC action came up in my feed after seeing this.

Looks like there’s no excuses with an opportunity like this. Looking forward to hearing feedback Makz

double edit: my roommate and I use to crush Dobrik’s vlogs, this was pretty stellar showing what y’all do. He should me that shit our senior spring and I was pissed saying we could have documented our alabama experiences. Guess I’ll have to bring that energy if I’m ever around

triple edit: Shiiit shoutout Philly

Author — Col2k


let me pull up and if I jump off the roof into the pool I join SoaR for 3 months deal? lmao

Author — Aftershock


the big black dude is clearly my real father

Author — OLIrisky


The guy in the duke hat gives me nightmares

Author — Bridgette Joyce


Go look at mitches channel, you jealous bruh?

Author — Luke Galea