Berber Tents and Looms from the Sahara Desert

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Berber Tents and Looms from the Sahara Desert 4.5

Two different types of tent, the 'Persian' tent, a simple drape of a large sheet of cloth, and the 'Arabic' tent, more sophisticated with bands of densely woven wool to hold the fabric taught. This allowed larger tents to be made with far less wood in the poles, relying for its strength on a pair of centre poles whose angles can be adjusted to raise and lower the height of the tent.

We also look at two looms, the horizontal loom, laid out on the floor of the desert and painstakingly slow to weave on. It takes around six months to weave enough fabric to make a tent, and the vertical loom. This is not a 'backstrap' loom and every line has to be picked apart by hand.

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i’m Tuareg and my tribe has been living like this for thousands years, i appreciate your work❤️

Author — mmm


Wow what a privlege we have to see such things, that we would never EVER see ! thank you

Author — eileen windras


I guess they made it to town to get some good old plastic footwear :)

Author — Marko Polo


this was so fantastic, love to learn about different cultures.

Author — Ahammad Ali


Massallah even we are poor in life must be important our family happy they have Allah in our life, sukran

Author — Joanna Bignayan


They are sure very hardy people. The weaving is wonderful. Must be so hard on their hands . Nobody is complaining. How nice that they work in such unity.

Author — leslie smith


My life is so easy. And that music in the background is amazing.

Author — Arja Cholendra


I went to Morroco and i saw this people very interesting and its music....unforgetable trip!

Author — Rosalba Ibrahim


from what ive gathered from watching videos on Berbers they are some of the most hospital friendly people around

Author — Chronic Awareness


Beautiful video, thank you for sharing! Greetings from Melbourne, Australia. 👋

Author — elena fernandez


Nomad Architecture, I really love your work, I don't know how you guys do it! But your documentaries are amazing, Good job. 👍

Author — Benito Riviera


The Berbers are fascinating; I want to learn more. Thank you. Cool channel.

Author — karenza t. Wall


Good job guys! Keep up the good work, it looks very interesting.
Thank you

Author — Attilio Gioe


Thank U for this beautiful video of these beautiful people ❤️

Author — Dennis Decosta


Men and women are so hard working, they have to make everything from scratch!!! Life is simple in one way and harsh in another way!!

Author — Athena Majnu


This is the type of video I was looking forward to. Thanks so much

Author — afreeha jawad


Gives a new found respect to generational wisdom and survival. I was once told that wisdom is knowledge applied, this video is a testament to that saying.

Author — vernon bowling


Thanks so much for the video. Love it.

Author — Siddick Cadersa


High atlas mountain amazigh in Morocco.

Author — ZenZano


Thank you. Amazing. I feel a link with these people somehow.

Author — james gower