CARVE A SPIRIT BIRD HOUSE, Step by step how to carve a wood spirit bird house, AKA NEST BOX, DREMEL

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CARVE A SPIRIT BIRD HOUSE, Step by step how to carve a wood spirit bird house, AKA NEST BOX, DREMEL 5

Using a dremel flex shaft and 1/8 bur I carve this spirit ur house for a friend, sorry it's a long video but everything is in there,
If your a learning power Carver I have lots of videos using the dremel flex shaft and the foredom flex shaft,

I use a dremel 4300 but sugest really new carvers trying out the 3000 , its cheeper but less power, but works just fine,


carving burs I use link,


Use code: CFUSION to save 5% on burs and disks

Thanks 4 watching and open to comments

I hope this helps someone out there

Canadian ehhhh

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This makes being stuck at home during 2020 carona virus more better

Author — Gary Teague


I think you're a great teacher and this video is really entertaining keep up the good work



I put a couple buck teeth on mine. But a woodpecker removed them.

Author — Bill Grant


Perfect for Gandalf when he's looking for a B-day gift for Radagast.

Author — Brad K


I usea live in James Bay in Victoria, brother! Why didn't I meet you. You inspire me now. I can't say anything else yet.

Author — Morley Challenged


I live in Northern California and have a pile of old growth Redwood burl I would be happy to share with you if we can find a cost effective means of shipping.
Awesome video, very inspiring.

Author — J. Sallinen


I like the 'S' lines. There're NO 90° or straight lines in Nature.

Author — Jerry Callender


I seriously tried to blow off the wood dust, lol! Really engrossing. Thanks for sharing this, this is great stuff.

Author — Aunty Mammalia


You make this look so easy! I have to try this! I can see me cutting right through the board and ending up with a mess, but I still need to try it, LOL I just love it!

Author — Tracee W


“An hour and a half of work”... this would be about an 8 month project for me 🤦‍♂️

Author — Cypher791


Jordy.. I love this birdhouse! Also.. can you please tell me the name of the song in your video .. and artist it's by??? Thanks 😊👍

Author — Laural Miles


Excellent stuff, but at 4.00 Im getting flashbacks to my ex wife :-)

Author — Chuffinelll


I love this piece. About how much could you get for one of those?

Author — Chad Betten


Love your wood spirit and your human spirit, too. I've made "green men" with clay but it is a whole different thing to add product than to take way. Kudos to you.

Author — rochelle nowik


Now I'm gonna try this for sure what a fantastic idea please keep them coming learning and getting some great ideas

Author — midninte ranger


Thanks for sharing! I appreciate you taking the time to teach us something you love to do. I'm looking forward to trying out your techniques.

Author — Mr. Greenbrier


Looks Great!
Suggest a little more depth under the lower lip to make it pop.
Stay safe!

Author — SS1911


I think my grandson and daughter would freaken love if I could reproduce this for their backyard..awesome job brother

Author — amv1231


You make it look easy! Loved watching it and tempted to give it a try. Keep up the great work!

Author — KLONDIKEpsychic


Amazing work. It's great to see someone from my hometown do this kind of work on YouTube. Thanks for sharing!

Author — Jack Russel