when news programs try to talk about viral videos

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when news programs try to talk about viral videos 5
wow check out this great viral video

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hey so this is a video about when news programs try to talk about viral videos

Welcome to the Gus Johnson channel, where the most average content comes to fizzle out.

Thanks for watching and sharing! Don't stab people. I'll see you later.

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wow i can't wait for this video to go super viral
if you didn't know my tweets are already going super viral though @Gusbuckets

Автор — Gus Johnson


0:48 How the hell did you make that sound, Gus?

Автор — BeeSquared


This is gonna be like one of those self fulfilling prophecies - you’re gonna go viral with this video, local news will pick up on it, and in the exact fashion you exaggerated here, will interview you. Then the video of that interview with the context of the video will go viral itself, continuing the cycle.

I think you might’ve just broke news TV, Gus. I’ll give it 48 hours before you’re literally sitting on Ellen’s set.

Автор — Chiken - Brawl Stars


When you gotta burp and hiccup at the same time

Автор — Bing Bong


I like that Wii Sports theme in the beginning

Автор — Chris Kogos


You can tell it's fake because the interviewer isn't hyper-focused on how much money the child is making.

Автор — Oofer


The most accurate part of this video is when you called them “hits”

Автор — Scott Cramer


You missed out the part where the reporter awkwardly tries drinking water as part of the report while laughing about how wacky he is for trying out this new kids' activity

Автор — Nick Powell


you cant fool me Gus that "news music" was wii sports

Автор — Angus tenney


Ellen's gonna give Childboy a lifetime supply of water.

Автор — Aidan Rogers


*This just reporting, A youtuber named Gus Johnson recently found crayons in his coffee cup.*

Автор — DontDoItJake


Thirsty for attention no doubt..*dying frog sound*

Автор — Maximillian G.C.


Gus, how did you manage to get Ellen to make an appearance in this video?

Автор — Calin Chiriac


what demon attempted to escape gus at 00:49 ?

Автор — Anthony Fellows


0:47 _thirsty for attention no doubt_

*_sound of the demons_*

Автор — TABBY


This video is bound to get dozens and dozens of hits

Автор — Cole Bennett


posted this on reddit so it’ll go viral and get tons of smacks

Автор — nathalie elwood


Damn, this drinking thing seems cool.

Автор — Kacper W


I can't believe Gus got Ellen, wow he is getting so big.

Автор — ThexBear


*Local teenager by the name of JerryCraft54 has started a new trend - being born in the 90s! Millennials everywhere are CRAZY about it and simply can't stop doing it! Bus Highjacker is reporting live from the scene of the crime.*

Автор — Smiley the Smile