Scarification - full back snake scale pattern by Ron Garza - time lapse

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  • ℹ️ Published 4 years ago

Snake scales scarification on full back done over an 8 hour session- time lapse into 4 mins. Done by Ron Garza - all rights reserved.

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I started dying laughing when the music started😂😂😂😂😂

Author — Adrian Garcia


The beauty vlogger music makes this just 1346 times better 😂

Author — Madelyn Leach


Hey, after doing it, does it have some restriction? Like, not swimming in salt water for a time or something? And healing time

Author — CoraDRAW


8 hours of getting sliced tf up.... dude is a G

Author — Kayla Brinlee


Scars are harder to tattoo over, I hope they like it, because the cover up might be really hard.

Author — Haley Ren


That’s insane ... that must have taken all day for the artist ...

Author — funkyflights


Do you take some type of pain reliever during the process and during healing (soreness, and how do you sleep

Author — James Shado


I would totally do this but with dragon fly wings

Author — Logan Radke


Im not here to judge or anything but I just have a question why would you get it on your back? Like how would you sleep for me personally it's uncomfortable to sleep on my stomach or and I am one of those people who cannot lay on my stomach because it gives me a headache how would you be able to sit back in your chair without it hurting? I'm not judging I actually think it's a really cool design

Author — Kim'Ann Raymond


What a beautiful cheerful piece of music .... just appropriated! ahahhahah

Author — Ivano Er Libanese


Why not just get a red tattoo of a snake scales on your back ?

Author — Vee Dior


Does anyone know how deep i must cut in my upper arms in order to have bumpy like scars? I don't want the lines flat, but "bumpy" like the crocodile tribes in africa.. i've allready tried to cut there to see how it looks but unfortunatly its flat and pink... anyone has seen James delaney from the taboo series?(played by Tom hardy), well i want smthing like that.

Author — Sam Papageorgiou