Second, new 'alien megastructure' discovered

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Second, new 'alien megastructure' discovered 4.5

The strangest star in the universe is not alone.

In 2015, astronomers reported unusual behavior in the star "KIC 8462852" that they could not explain. Now, another team has discovered a second star that behaves similarly to KIC 8462852. It's called "EPIC 204278916" and it's even stranger than the first one.

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Maybe someone over there keeps kicking out the plug.

Author — innertubez


Please be aliens please be aliens please be aliens

Author — Sinister Smith


The only thing which is suggested by the observations is that people don't know how stars work.

Author — Bubba Jones


anyome can be an expert because anyone can give out their opinions lol

Author — Tremendously


If anything, this makes it far more likely that what we saw around Tabby's star, is some form of natural phenomena that we just don't understand. any civilization capable of making a Dyson Sphere or any semblance of it, would have to use so much material, that they would have to go to several different star systems to find it. So they've already figured out how to harness enough energy to go to several different Stars, so in reality their energy needs are already met, so what would be the point of expending such a ridiculous amount of resources just to collect solar energy. Even a lot of solar energy.

Author — Rob Smith


Where did I put my tin foil hat....oh there it is!

Author — Edwin Schasteen


"I've told you spongebob, there's no such thing as an alien!"

Author — ScalariaN


Thanks for the funky beat to go with that vid

Author — The Deans


With machines the human species can build on in less than two hundred years.

Author — Miguel Anguiano


Its just another death star.
I just need my lightsaber.

Author — Aguilar Family


Someone turned the lights off in my bedroom. IT MUST BE ALIENS !!!

Or.. I forgot to pay my light bill.
Clearly, the first explanation is must logical. It's always ALIENS !!

Author — TheTruthIsGonnaHurt


Can you get a mic? I'm too lazy to read lol

Author — mecha


The thumbnail reminds me of Kerbal space program

(Probodobodyne stayputnik)

Author — Nibrasakhi


i want it to be type II civilization <3
not lame dust cloud -_-

Author — Because I'm Batman!


Did anyone else read Kaku's book and saw the Type 1, Type 2 etc. life possibilites? if you haven't read it, read it.
Physics of the Impossible - Michio Kaku

Author — Proce


What if these phenomena really are Dyson spheres? Then the real question is: have we found two separate level two civilizations, or are these spheres made by the same civilization? Perhaps these two stars serve as a "gas stations" for giant space crafts?😰

Author — William Larsson


I enjoyed the sound starting at 1:12 onwards. 🌞🌞🌞

Author — El Rey Tabuzo


*looks at the description* oh 2016 eh it’s 2017 and still no 👽

Author — Josh Roc007


I like the music, it was beautifully mysterious.

Author — Shina


1:22 Either it's an T H I C C cloud of gas

Author — Haziel Soberal