My Drawing Came To Life Again?! | Gacha Life Mini Movie (Part 2)

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My Drawing Came To Life Again?! | Gacha Life Mini Movie (Part 2) 5

When Jess finally tells her friends the truth about her OC drawing coming to life, she finds her magic pencil gone! Will Jess and the gang be able to fix the chaos that the pencil has created, and will they ever be able to see Haru again?

1811 screenshots... X_X I am deceased.

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Run All Night by Stanley Gurvich
Flames by Dan Henig
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The highly requested part 2 is finally here! I hope you enjoy ^.^ <3
I know that this story is full of plot holes and the logic of the magic pencil is kind of confusing… I will work on my story writing skills for the future! But I hope that my editing makes up for it lol. Thank you for 82.5k subs, you guys are so kind ;_;
EDIT: ALSO I FORGOT TO SAY, parts of this GLMM was inspired by some of your hilarious comments in the previous part (like the stickman and the creature 😂) Thank you all for inspiring me with your wonderful ideas!

Author — RosyClozy


The next mini-movie: “Marrying my Drawing”

Author — Anime Freak


Who ships Melody and Peter?
Like if you do
Edit:thanks for the likes this is the amount of likes i would like on my videos. I appreciate it

Author — Rocker Star


"The two wizards on broom sticks"
Me: ExUsE Me ThAtS HaRrY PoTtEr!!!

Author — Antonio Heath


ThE cReAtUrE iS bOoTiFuL

Also, “who would’ve *thunk*

Author — xX ShxdowPotxto Xx


“Oh we were just talking about you! What brings you back?”
Haru : *a pencil*

Author — Azaz Juman


Here’s how many people wants you to make another episode:

Author — ఌ Kristale「大小姐」ఌ


"Don't be shy, stand more closer together!" When i saw this i instantly started laughing xD

(Holy i didn't think I would get likes thank you guys. Me coming back a month later :p)

Author — Mkayla_itzhere


“Don’t be shy, put some more- I mean stand closer together”

Author — Abi Smit


When Haru said
"She's just a friend "
I was like dude your turning into Adrien agreste from miraculous like she is not
Who else saw rosy in the glmm so apparently jess drew rosy
Welp have to say you can't have a glmm without the creator

Author — {angelina gacha}


The duck... let’s talk about the duck 🦆 He set everything up for a happy ending...
One like=10 bread crumbs for the duck 🦆🦆🦆🦆🐥🐥😀

Author — Milky Starxii


Who ships Stephanie and The monster that she made?

Like if you do !

Author — longhairme 88


When people
found out he would live forever :

Everyone: ship


Legit nobody:

Me: OmG a bArbacuE aD

Author — Ieva Simanaviciute


Jess's Dad when he sees haru again: WHAT WHAT THE FRICK

Author — Pancake Partyz


Jessica: Thx for the food
Me: There’s a whole lot of pasta in your bowl though

Author — Abner Padilla


When she was talking to her parents about missing haru and she left my mind went to: BUT SHE DIDNT EVEN FINISH HER SPEGET

Author — that one smol


This is how many people would like part 3 ♡

Author — SzarlotkaPl


Jess be like: I can’t believe I kissed my own drawing... lmao

Author — Kyōhana


Whem someone Name:
Haruki, Boroto, and Boroki.
It felted weird like Japan Names

Author — Sean Mittens - Roblox & Few


This makes me feel sad that I don’t have that many friends

Author — -CuddlyPeaches-