Dirt rally crashes 3

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Dirt rally crashes 3 4.5
Dirt rally pc crashes part 3 enjoy
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Filmed by: Pieter Colignon

Camera: Panasonic HC-V720 + External mic
On this channel you will find various cars as: Ferarri f1,wrc rally cars,s2000 group n, bmw m3,le mans cars,audi quattro,...
Usually i film at various events as: Legend boucles de spa, 1000 km Spa / 6 Hours of Spa, 24h Nurburgring, Tac Rally, Condroz rally,Ypres rally,adac rally Germany and various events at Spa-Francorchamps and the Nürburgring..

if you have any questions, please ask them in a reaction or by mailing my youtube account :-) Greetings!

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4 flips..63 trees..18 result...you've just lost a mirror....:D

Author — BulkinKI2L


me everytime i turn a corner in sweden (i play on keyborddsss xd)

Author — Nobody Famous


This is what one race looks like for me...

Author — Loje


it snaps me when im a courner from the finish doing a good time for 2nd to 3rd and then crash omfg i wanna smash my pc up

Author — Foxy Giraffe


ha. when the co pilot said don't cut. he means it.

Author — Yilun Mao


Thanks to this video I'm gonna buy it.

Author — Marky Spark


Hi guys, I made a new compilation with a hardcore damage mod!
Definetly check it out!

Author — Crípers Game


The particle effects are amazing in this game!

Author — gellert varga


The damage model is incredibly underwhelming. XPand Rally, a little known game circa 2004 has tons better damage both cosmetic and simulated than this.

Author — Trixmay 988


my game looks really dark.. how can i fix it

Author — Nick RC MVP Clan


Hello! can u tell me name of the music please?



1:08 I think you beat Travis pastranas record

Author — Turned


I started winning races when i stopped driving so damn fast :)

Author — jammadamma


at 1:06 the driver fell out the window

Author — ricky collins


i dont know why im watching this, all i need is to start the game and play 5min and ill see about 3 crashes xP

Author — Tomás Dias


in 4k ultra settings on pc it looks damn good in my opinion, running 120" picture on projector. love this game, but want more tracks.

Author — NORHUNTER77


physics in video games, the only thing that hasn't evolved

Author — rolfisalinas


마치 플레이스테이션2 게임의 번아웃3 테이크 다운 처럼 날아가네... 사고 장면은 더트2때가 좀 더 사실적이었던 것 같다.

Author — gt L


2:36 - idk why, but when it leaps in the air and makes that sound, it makes me fucking laugh xD It's like meep meep meep meep meep

Author — dha12oks


those physics look amazing, but the crashes look very very floaty

Author — Psyrgery