Dragon Bros Animation - Music From ElyBeatmaker 👁 - Voice of Iskall85

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Music From ElyBeatmaker

Voices in music from -

HermitCraft skins and inspired dragons from everyone on this site -
and from Zloyxp & Pixlriffs

One Eye Endermen & Zedaph Strider from
Dragon Bro is at 1:09 bottom left

Voices in the intro from

Programs used are FREE! Please Support them!!

Original Steve model edited from

Models and World based on

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this is So worth the wait!!!! You're too talented!

Author — elybeatmaker


this is absolutely insane!! How have I missed this!!!

Author — iskall85


Imagine how cursed this looks to someone who’s never watched Hermitcraft

Author — Kasakro


Mumbo in season 6: Is this a cult?
Mumbo in season 7: *H E R M I T C H A L L E N G E S I N I T I A T I O N*
Season 8: wait mooners too 👁👄👁

Author — Royce McMillen


Here's a list of each easter egg/reference I found in the animation:

0:24 - Iskall actually wrote lyrics on a piece of paper im Galactic Alphabet. It says: "Dragon Bros, Dragon Bros, Dragon Bros"
0:25 - Bumbo in flower pot
0:28 - Each Dragon Bro has own characteristic details (Mumbo - Mustache, Grian - Fringe, False - Goggles, Bdubs - Headband) + Ely as Dragon Bro
0:28 - Bdubs sliding a note to false saying "El-y not E-ly", refering to Iskall pronauncing "ElyBeatMaker" incorrectly
0:30 - Ely pins previously mentioned lyrics to music machine (it's easier to see what's written on it)

0:40 - "Chik a" lyrics appearing randomly
0:40 - Zombified Piglins dancing on one of the platforms
0:47 - Dragon Bro Recap (Reference to Hermitcraft Recap run by Zloy and Pixlriffs who also turned into Dragon Bros)
0:50 - Zedaph strider in the top-right corner

0:57 - 1:10 - Hermits as Dragon Bros members hatching from multiple Ender Dragon Eggs
1:02 - Mumbo throws redstone torch at one of the Ender Dragon Eggs which launches it like a firework and "It's a cult!" text appears on text

1:12 - Grian turns into Poultry Man Dragon (Polutry Dragon)
1:23 - Zedaph as Sheep Dragon (Reference to "Is this sheep looking at me?")
1:25 - TangoTek as a Dragon
1:28 - Xisuma (Shishwammy) as a Dragon
1:31 - Doc as a Dragon
1:38 - In the background - Blue and Purple dragons from Tango's Season 6 base

2:04 - On the music machine appears text in Galactic Alphabet, it means "All my creativity is gifted from god"

If I missed any of the easter eggs please let me know.

Author — Kiccy


I love how Iskall's diamond eye occasionally turns, like someone stylishly adjusting their glasses to seem smarter. I also love that Grian was the first to start dancing to the song, since he was the leader of the Dragon Bros.

Author — Gavin Dinsmoor


I love all of the little details that were put in: the start button, Ely doing the background beat, Mumbo sneaking off in the beginning, "EL-Y not E-LY" paper on the table, Evil X on the right hand side right watching, how the background beat animation changes from the enderman heads to nether dragons, Mumbo being...Mumbo; its amazing! you can tell how much effort was put into this animation, you did great!

Author — loloava__


Why does it just look like Mumbo having a weird fever dream about dragons and Iskall being the main antagonist

Author — Amirahnations 0204


After watching the whole thing on .25 speed it’s really cool to see how well you worked with the animation and lip syncing with the worlds/music, and you could see Easter eggs like evil X on one of the platforms or small details on the cards at the begging that didn’t need to be added but still was and over all really really helped make this an awesome animation!

Author — Ghostable


I never knew you actually created a full length animation for this! I saw a segment in X's hermitcraft video, and was hoping there was! You never cease go amaze!

Author — 6777 Productions


This is really creative and fun to watch, I really enjoyed how this turned from Iskall getting a dragon head stuck on himself to literally becoming the leader of a cult of dragon people. I honestly have watched this almost 100 times by now. So good job man and good luck on future projects, I hope you have a nice day. Bye.

Author — Dead Account


Things that I loved about this

- All the Hermits getting sucked out of the house like a freakin clown car has me dying
- The animation is amazing dude. Seriously, this is incredible
- Dragon Iskall is definitely going to pay me a visit in my nightmares
- This whole thing feels like a fever dream Mumbo had when Iskall started singing and I love it
- Also, all of the custom dragons for each Hermit are incredible! Zed as a literal sheep dragon made me wheeze

Thank you for blessing us with this masterpiece

Author — Jay C


I love the fact that Mumbo is just like, the most unlucky dragon bro

Author — Doctor Death Defying


I love how mumbo is just kinda all over the place and doing his own thing, very fitting as he was almost never at the meetings

Author — daniel Ocean Smith


I love the way that the main synth is visualised through the three heads in the background. That adds so much to it you have no idea, amazing work!

Author — DJ


the fact that iskall’s laugh at the end doesn’t sound like iskall is so....disturbing

Author — ShellShock


Late to the party on this one. This was amazing and what the3pooka's animations have taught me is that Mumbo needs to stop sleeping at meetings or sleeping standing up. His dreams are unnerving at this point. Keep up the good work, both you and ElyBeatmaker.

Author — Raine


My goodness, your animations always have so many cool things to look at, watching just mumbo the whole time is quite hilarious xD

Author — Tingcraft



Everyone Else: LETS DO IT

Mumbo: tormented noises

Author — Hunter Gilbert


This is so so good. All the hermitcraft animations out there that I have seen, this is by far the best
I love it and keep up the amazing work! Have a good day!

Author — bowl of soup