Jimmy Carr's SAVAGE Joke For Nish Kumar | Insults Pt. 7 | 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown

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Jimmy Carr's SAVAGE Joke For Nish Kumar | Insults Pt. 7 | 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown 5

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Check out Jimmy's best insults on 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown!!

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Rachel could wear a bin bag and still make it look good.
Never have i seen anyone more over qualified for a job lol

Author — Haters Gonna Hate


At least I don’t look like a vampire who’s temping.

Author — bmw320i2


The fact that he can make different jokes on similar characteristics of the guests every time is commendable. Jimmy is a great writer.

Author — Swapnil Batle


I wonder how many hours of my life i have spent watching these compilations

Author — Matf661


Channel 4 are not above spelling savage in all caps to to ensure its more clickbaity

Author — Pat Tanackered


I like how he pokes fun at them, but still manages to plug all of their achievements.

Author — cipher88101


5:01 "improv marathon" sounds like she spontaneously decided to run 26 miles.

Author — Marcus Cross


wait, did Jimmy Carr just call it an eXpresso?

Author — Giles Farnaby Esq.


“If you didn’t see Rachel dance on Strictly just imagine a giraffe with BSE trying to ice skate on rollerblades during an earthquake on planet made of jelly”. That’s gold 😂

Author — Andrew Adams


Suzie's "if only you knew" lip bite at 7:15 got me like...

Author — Rahul Kanadia


Good stuff as always. Rachel and Susie comeback compilation next?

Author — Fergus Cullen


can we get one about Rhod Gilbert plz!

Author — Louis Mitchell


I can well imagine Susie Dent being a swinger.

Author — Emma Cassidy


I'm gonna need the full video for that jelly joke pls.

Author — Jambax


I am on a mission to make that espresso martini it looks soooo good! Even with a silly straw it looks classy.

Author — dogbert102010


It’s amazing how I know all the punchlines off by heart....it’s almost like the jokes are repeated in every single compilation you put out 🙄

Author — Call me Tiger


5:59, .. o_0 Excuse me, .. back in 10mins.

Author — Kris A


Nish tell that Brexit joke that went down so well at the Lord's Taveners' Christmas lunch.

Author — MARTIN A1


"....his daughters first word was Grandad" that really made me laugh :)

Author — CollectioNeo


"I've got an Espresso Martini that could wake the dead!"

Author — Elilua Hardwick