Everest's 'worst disaster' in 60 seconds - BBC News

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Everest's 'worst disaster' in 60 seconds - BBC News 4
3D graphics show how Everest was affected by the earthquake. The earthquake in Nepal caused Everest's worst ever disaster, despite the fact the mountain was 200km from the epicentre.
The quake caused multiple avalanches across the Himalayas, one of which hit the base camp of the world's tallest mountain.

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"Free Tibet"
-Stuart "2-D" Pot

Author — Scarface27


I have every opportunities to keep up my English! Thanl you very mcuh! Good luck!

Author — dulatbek smagulov


Well done BBC copywriter on that title. How to make the English language fail, using just six words.

Author — Alf Tupper



Author — William Redfern


Sounds like Cathy O'dowd! changed it! don't want to listion to her!

Author — Caroline Ullrich


Stop Chinese cruelty in Tibet.

Free Tibet.

Nepalese police and military kills innocent Tibetan who en route to India for better life. They also handover remaining Chinese back to China for money by violating UNHCR.

These Puppet of Chinese in Nepal should be punished.

Author — Feel Good


Spoilt rich western millenials learn humility the hard way.

Author — Adolf Galand


Free Tibet ...else lord Jesus will send more earthquakes to destroy u Chinese rascals...

Author — Forefather Of Mankind


It is always appalling to me, how humans can be so unknowledgeable about their surroundings! Planet Earth is a very active planet, as can be seen by it's past over 4, 1/2 billion years! Humans have been here, we don't know for certain how long or if they were humanoids or homo sapiens but they have enough intelligence to build cities, but they build them in dangerous places (like Pompei) beneath a volcano, probably because they don't think it will erupt in their time! It happens all over the world, since humans first existed, people by the dozens, hundreds or thousands can be killed due to our Planet's activity! There are avalanches, landslides, earthquakes, sink-holes, flooding, and tsunamis that can quickly (or over a period of time) take people's lives. Today, we have sensors, that enable us to evacuate some places, but not all. (We don't know when an earthquake or landslide at the bottom of the ocean will cause a tsunami like the one that killed so many in 2004 and 2009 in Asia! And man-caused disasters can occur as well as environmental ones (like the dams that break and flood towns below them!) and yet, people are still testing nature, never thinking it will happen to THEM!
We mine, dig, frack, blast, dam up, and do so many things that can jeopardize our lives, all for MONEY or needs for an ever-increasing human population, which is the cause of so many man-made disasters. Will it ever end? Probably not.

Author — M.J. Leger