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The remaining signatories to the 2015 Iran nuclear deal were set to meet on Tuesday in Vienna for the first round of talks since US President Joe Biden took office. A US delegation was also set to take part indirectly. Diplomats from Russia, China, France, Britain and Germany will join their Iranian counterparts for consultations that aim to pave the way for Washington's return to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).
Tehran said before the meeting that there would be no direct contact between Iranian and US diplomats as the latter is no longer a signatory of the deal — but they will be kept up-to-date as the talks progress. Government spokesman Ali Rabiei welcomed on Tuesday recent "promising" comments from the US suggesting it may lift sanctions on Iran. "We find this position realistic and promising. It could be the start of correcting the bad process that had taken diplomacy to a dead end," Rabiei said.
Washington warned against overly high expectations for a breakthrough during the talks, foreign secretary spokesperson Ned Price said on Monday.

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It's a bit of a joke to complain about the deal only offering restrictions when the US commitment to the deal could also only be temporary. It's hard to trust that any deal the US signs will last longer than 4 years because of the partisan political situation.

Author — Michael Irwin


It's not a treaty .its just an agreement. To be a treaty it requires to pass the senate approval

Author — Shahab Faraz


There shouldn't be any negotiations. If US want to rejoin simply rejoin.

Author — William Wong


I'm happy at least the parties to the treaty are talking.
Thanks btw for the clip of trump acting tough like a virtual reality show character with his huge magic marker signature. Who signs a document like that?

Author — Pak De


Every one has to complies with their obigations, all parties .

Author — Ramsay Elias


Yeah man, Iran diplomat enjoying the sun with those sunglasses

Author — Howard Yu


United States is in unipolar world,
Because NPT members can and should benefit from
Enrichment & explore all aspects of technical advancement,
You cannot promote NPT with out the inherent rights of it's membership,
Unilateral sanctions are a direct challenge to international laws, so if you don't preach what you practice, then you are an outside looking in,

Author — John Dow


Hope it will be better than that China US talks held at Alaska recently...



It is good that the USA sees reason once again - at least when it comes to the nuclear deal. - However .. the conclusions drawn from this treaty .. and the US violation and subsequent cancellation of it shows that this never was a treaty between Iran and many other countries, internationally ratified .. but in the end .. just a bilateral agreement between Iran and the USA as none of the other countries mattered.

I would hope the USA keeps its side of the deal that time.

Author — Ragna Eyjadóttir


Why should Iran trust an untrustworthy US that's fickle minded?

Author — Mr.Kaboom


Remember Biden first carrot then stick. If stick first then carrot, the power of the carrot is muted.

Author — uindy4


what a peaceful country.
they strike iran military leader with drone.
now they want to talk on nuclear deal.

Author — lmz


Permanently and verifiable restrained? Really? In your dreams. The Iranians will not comply. Clandestine development will continue.

Author — Douglas BEAULAC


Sanctions won't be lifted at this time . Tehran can angle for money on a plane again and probably have a short term agreement

Author — Tee Kay


They brought Covid yet they aren't satisfied now they are talking about nuclear😎😎😎

Author — Kevoh Wa Pipeline Transami


If iran wants nuclear let them have it. USA and israel have them. What's the issue😬🏳

Author — Derek Kearns


How is every one liking the problem restarted by Joe Biden administration...

Author — Jimmy Butler


Permanently for Iran, Temporarily for US ?!

Author — Amir Mohammad Yazdani


Start with the upside down flag. I guess it will be a honest reporting, not.

Author — S I M O N .


*Covid cases in India violently going up today we reported +90k cases.🙏🙏*

Author — Lord Buddha