Parlez-vous français? The ins and outs of the French language

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Parlez-vous français? The ins and outs of the French language 5

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In this episode of French Connections Plus, we explore the ins and outs of the French language. Once the language of diplomacy, French continues to be influential around the world today, though it can be very difficult to learn. Officials in France are eager to protect the language, especially from the influence of English, although many English words come from French, as author Anthony Lacoudre explains. Finally, we take a look at your questions about "tu vs. vous" and masculine vs. feminine.

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💬 Comments on the video

Mate, French is hard as nails but I don't regret learning it. I love it, I'd love to go one day to both Québec and France. Cheers. Hugs for all Frech-speakers out there.

Author — Verbale Mondo


Grève - strike 😂😂😂
Strike is so important in France !!

Author — Kiran P


Passable French isn’t that difficult to learn - but if you’re non native, you’ll be an outcast for ~15 years.

Author — Chris Caskey


what linguist has ever denied that French isn't a HUGE part of English!? lol. Anyone that knows anything about English knows that a third or half of the vocab is French. What makes it still a Germanic language is when you strip it down to its bare parts, that's when you notice that it's really just a Germanic language with a ton of borrowed morphology and phonology

Author — Emilie Coats


Je suis philippine et j'adore la langue française. Et je l'étudie depuis 1 an et 10 mois. Ça me plaît beaucoup! Selon moi, c'est la plus belle langue du monde ❤

Author — CDA Swift


French is my fourth language and I love French as if it’s my first one

Author — AC BC


French reporter interviewing a french writer... In english 😂
That was funny to see ahah

Author — Fun Rush


I love the French language - so poetic. Learnt French for 6 years at school in Australia. It really helped me understand grammar rules.
Thank you ladies for this great vlog.

Author — Anne Bialecki


I love French language. l am learning it. From India

Author — Aminur Khan


"The Academie Française main role is to defend the French language from the English influence.." and to kill all other regional languages of France.. oh the irony

Author — Marvin Rošantz


Spanish is easy language to learn than French that's why people tend to learn Spanish instead of French

Author — Amol Sheshbhare


I am a native english speaker in french immersion since kindergarten and we had dictations (dictée) and we did not enjoy them.

Author — Duncan WIlson


2:22 "French is so hard to learn..." Well, so does any other language I guess? Especially when it's so different from your mother tongue. For instance, my 1st language is Portuguese so at least we share the same alphabet (both even have cedillas!) which is HUGELY convenient. Now when I moved to Japan in 1996 and started to learn their language and didn't know any single character, mec c'était tres difficile!

Author — CUMBICA1970


Je parle français !
I love learning French so much. Even I have no relation to it (I'm from Indonesia).
It's complex. It's beautiful. It's beautifully complex. 💜
I won't stop learning French even though it's difficult. It's so challenging ! 😁

Author — Kanal 7


I find its easier to speak in English with fewer words to get your point across: french requires more words

Author — Emma


for spanish speakers is easy to learn French, for an English is hard !!

Author — simisimi9


Quite interesting and odd to this person from the US. I always wish to respect the rules of appropriate behavior in my interactions with others but I have never been affluent enough to travel abroad. Therefore there are many behavioral rules that I am unlikely to ever “need to know about “. In my 70’s, and lacking any formal education since the age of 14 I have learned mostly from reading. Proper etiquette was not something that was a major focus in my desire for knowledge. History, geography, art, writing and scientific inquiry have long been important to me but I believe that I would be thought of as polite and courteous generally. I certainly hope so!

Author — Dona Burns


"English people should thank the french?"

You would be speaking german if it wasnt for those english people.

Author — Phil Curtis


Française est très génial et cool mais très difficile ! Mdr 😂

Author — Cassandra Français


it is interesting how europeans describe their language and refer to others as primitive and useless. quiet frankly all languages are creolized including french a creole version of other languages.

Author — A Quick Story