Hellriegel 1915 (Secret Weapon)

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Hellriegel 1915 (Secret Weapon)

The Standschütze Hellriegel 1915 was an Austro-Hungarian prototype submachine gun developed in 1915. Little is known about this weapon.

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💬 Comments

I remember the early days of BF1 when no man knew of the Hellriegel, let alone seen it. Once rank 10 assault was hit, the game changed forever.

Author — RENZ


Simple History: "It was never used in combat"

Battlefield one: i get it a million were made and it helped the aurtos win the ww1 got it

Author — Prouty


"Secret weapon"
Every battlefield one player knows it

Author — Hayden


Meanwhile, it was mass product in Battlefield 1

Author — Garmen Lin


The hellriegel was seen as “overpowered” by the allies and got a “nerf”

Author — The Father


I get killed every 5 seconds from this gun In BF1

Author — Traves Brix


Hellriegel- Most overused gun in bf1 for assault class class.

Edit: Funny how the big round magazine was suppose to be for stationary uses, But you see people with Iron sights running around!

Author — Marcus Croft


For a secret weapon that never say combat due to being made in limited numbers, the Hellriegel 1915 is quite plentiful in Battlefield 1, especially in the mission where you play as an Italian Arditi (elite shock troop) fighting against the Austro-Hungarians. I know that many of these comments are going to be about this topic, but I just felt like posting my own.

Author — Ethan Arnold


This reminds me of how in the mid to late 1800s gunsmiths in America where working on prototype machine guns and the US army thought the weapons where too horrific to field.

Author — Katia Critten


The Hellreigel aka the PPSH-41 of Battlefield 1.

Author — Devil Blood.62


It's so OP that if any side got it, they would win the war

Author — Brendan McLaughlin


Pretty sure they stopped developing this gun because they didn’t want to be cursed at through the mic again

Author — matthew kornrumpf


I think a way to solve the Hellriegel mess in Battlefield 1 is to switch the factory variant’s drum magazine with one of those stick magazines.

Author — Owen Wolf Co.


I don't understand why they made this weapon so short on battlefield 1. If you compare the sizes you'll see that the bf1 version is almost half of the real version. And it has only 60 bullets on drum mag.

Author — Void


Thank you Austro-Hungarian Empire for the creation of this masterpiece, I finally got better in Battlefield 1

Author — Maxim Olehash


A water cooled machine gun? That's actually genius. Just imagine a tank rolling down just spewing out bullets shredding everything in it's path

Author — Varunan


I feel like you could solve BF1's hellreigel by just giving it a stick mag instead. Boom, balanced, and more realistic.

Author — boshmi


I remember when I first played BF1 with my friend, he was dying of laughter because I went on this long winded rant about getting killed so often with the Hellreigel and how it was a prototype that never saw production and shouldn't even be in the game. I was embarrassingly streamed about that. Lol anyway, I later cooled down and just enjoyed the game for what it was. Haha

Author — Pterinochilus John


After watching this, I wonder if the Hellriegel was the Archetype for the Thompson. The similarities are Uncanny!

Author — Jim Sword


Time to travel through time, let’s get this on the field and into mass production

Author — Steampunk Sam P