Hattori Hanzo cutting board #1 / butcher block. Cnc inlay. Wood inlay 4k video.

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Hattori Hanzo cutting board #1 / butcher block. Cnc inlay. Wood inlay 4k video. 5

The board size is 24*18*3 inch.

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My name is Nik. Welcome to my channel, where you can see my woodworking: cutting boards with inlay from different types of wood, wood maps, key hangers and more. I often use CNC machine for my works, I love using it. I’m going to share my videos every week.
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Did i search for this? No
Did i watch the whole thing? Yes 😂

Author — Wayne Heaney


Not sure I would ever use this. More likely to display it.

Author — a zap


Lets be honest: no one searched for that

Author — max Mustermann


The only thing I would cut on that is a deck of cards. That is gorgeous!

Author — Timmy Girard


What good is a cutting board if you can't use it? I would never, I'd have that thing on my wall like a masterpiece.

Author — ChurrObscuro


I be afraid to use that as a cutting board because that things is nice, I’ll would be one of those people that would use it as a wall decoration 😂

Author — Elchuy


I am So happy I watched this. My life is gonna Take a whole knew direction now. Thank you So much YouTube suggestions. That was almost transcendental experience. Bodily and soul enrichement, metal enlightment and Total blow out.

Author — Michal Dobrzynski


I would love to see this cutting boards being unboxed and used or maybe hanged in an office

Author — Abalem Yonas


this is one of the coolest woodworking projects i've ever seen

Author — Narciso Almonte


WoW hands down the most beautiful wood product I have ever seen.

Author — Kevin Wright


Man i feel like that board is the one who's gonna chop me instead of me chopping on the board...

Author — Casting NaySayers


Holy hell! No way did that just slide right in there xD oh my god!

Author — Orochi Samurai


Now imagine this piece of art in a guitar body

Author — montauta


I know is a cutting board, but it will be hanging on my living room as an art piece .

Author — Fernand Gamboa


Whoever gets this cutting board is lucky. It's badass af.
I'd love to see an unboxing and test of this

Author — mil mil


Lol I thought in the Tumbnail that this is a Box wer a Japanese Cutting Board is in like in a Unboxing Video

Author — Driman Boy


man that finish was the most satifing one i had seen

Author — Ha Thim


I figured you were going to pour it with resin but when you flipped the cut & mashed it up I was like shut the F-up & totally wowed. Fantastic work even for CNC. 😍😍

Author — Dillon Corwin


I'd probably want to break the fingers of anyone that I saw 'chopping' on this board

Author — Glover Gayles


Never knew I'd be able to feel love for a cutting board.

Author — Max Mue