Be Relentless

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Be Relentless 5
SRMV "Take 2"

Music: Zack Hemsey- The Way Instrumental

Speaker: Eric Thomas aka TheHipHopPreacher (Speaks to N.C.State wolfpack), Inky Johnson (Impose Your Will), and Kevin Garnett.

Clips: Ray Lewis (Chase Your Legacy, Hardest Hits, Rise, Final Dance), Kevin Garnett (Interview, High School Mix Tape, Anything is Possible, Wings), NFL/NBA films.

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"Ah Real Man in tha Dark when nobody's watching He put n in Work"

Author — Maurice Brodie


I will change, I will get better. be phenomenal, or be forgotten.

Author — Nick Carrus


A real man in the Dark is putting in work when nobody is watching because he loves the process 💯💪

Author — Joshua Hernandez


This man deserves a award for all these amazing speeches

Author — In Da Hood With Mahood


Shout out to all the people who only “work” hard when they’re taking a selfie in a gym 🤣

Author — Mr C


Dude...Kevin Garnett be playing with kids lol. He towering over everybody geez

Author — epikcyne


My master have taught me that “ The real brave is not who gets out of the storm, but who stays calm in the storm.

Author — asim qalbani


You know fam I love the message here however being from Africa (South Africa) the lion don't care. I saw a news insert where a baby elephant got caught by some lions. They made a meal of it because it loned from the pack. If that elephant was in its pack that wouldn't have happened. End of the day lion only acts in a pack. Just like the USMC and like South African Police like me.

Truth is we nothing out of our pack. No South African rugby player makes it to the league if someone didn't elevate him. No NFL, no NBA, no MLB, no NHL player makes it the same. Fact is we need each other. Same as the lions being talked of here.

I'm from Africa and I know this!

Author — Jesse Paton


I’m a real man I m all about the process I like it’s much as the prize

Author — Megadose


0:57 unfortunately the lion is definitely getting that wounded animal.

Author — Cyle Schafer


"Be phonenomal or be forgotten"

Author — Jason Drakes


I was homeless but after watching this video I’m now enrolled in a ivy legue school and I drive a Ferrari

Author — Jeff B


Eric Thomas will say anything hahaha he ever watch national geo or discovery? Lions eat, period.

Author — Caleb Ransom


Be humbled, love and support one another, may sins get washed and fruits and gifts takeover of spirit God first then other stuff follow, may fruits and gifts of spirit takeover hearts and live off💪🙏😂💓

Author — arvin nazari


Eric Thomas is a beast. He gets me pumped!

Author — Teenage Impact


From one coach Rios to another, great video!

Author — Stefan Rios


Someday I will make it to the NFL, I promise !

Author — Bain Gonzales


Great video gonna watch this because every game!

Author — Sly Studios


This is a great video nice upload. #wrom #motivation

Author — Alfredm360


Be great not just for you but your family as well.

Author — Armani aka hops 90,s jumpman smith