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What Is Reality? [Official Film] 4.5
What if the very fabric of space and time isn't made of one-dimensional strings or energy as we think of it, but instead was simply a code or a language made from a geometric projection?

Quantum Gravity Research is a Los Angeles based team of mathematicians and physicists working on developing a theoretical framework for a first-principles unified quantum gravity theory they call emergence theory. Still in the early stage of development, emergence theory attempts to unify, through mathematical and scientific rigor, the theory of relativity, quantum mechanics, and consciousness.

This film is presented in layperson terms and explains basics tenets of emergence theory, quantum mechanics and digital physics in ways that are meant to be communicative and fun. However, if you'd like to read any of the scientific and more technical papers, please visit our website.

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Our YouTube channel contains various videos and presentations that are far more math/physics-heavy, technical and detailed. If you like following our journey we encourage you to subscribe. We do hope you enjoy some of those as well.

Film credits:

Host: Marion Kerr
Einstein and Heisenberg's voices: Devin Harjes
Written, Directed and Edited by David Jakubovic
Director of Photography: Tony Ditata
Cartoon animation and design: Sarah Winters
Original Music by Daniel Jakubovic
Rerecording mixer: Patrick Giraudi
Line Producer: Piper Norwood
3D Effects by Raymond Aschheim and Matt Beets

Quantum Gravity Research was founded by Klee Irwin in 2009.

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So basically, we are everything, everybody is everybody, and we are the universe experiencing itself.
Sounds like psychedelics were right, eh?

Author — bathtub


This makes perfect sense to me. It would explain why you see fractals everywhere while on LSD. No matter how closely you look, magnified or not, you see fractals and your brain isn't making it up. They're actually present. (Golden ratio) Also, explaining the "there is something greater" sensation while tripping... "Physics provides no upper limited on the energy or matter that can self organize into conscious systems." If you've had a "spiritual" experience on LSD this is going to make perfect sense. The "god" experience of LSD, the "globular universe", feels like it is expressed in varying degrees of consciousness amongst animals for the purpose of filtering environmental stimuli. Upon death, that consciousness feels like it may retract or return to the "globular universe". LSD is believed to break down the "conductor" of the brain and return the environmental stimuli an unfiltered state which why you see fractals, can immediately control your emotional state and don't experience time because LSD has halted your "conductor" so to speak. And that's essentially the LSD experience and how geometry factors into and seems like it supports it.

Author — DarkRendition


I´m stil trying to figure out my wife.

Author — raultejedor


You are assuming that reality is information because it can be abstracted, the ability to describe does not make the description equal to the described. Anything can be abstracted and named, but that doesn't mean that the definition is reality.

Author — Florentino Montalvo Gaytán


I wanted to give a meaningfull 5$donation but then the future me didn't let me.

Author — Adrian Geicu


Love the video great work makes me want to study more.

Author — garrett hamilton


Wow, even the Black Hole is Heart Chakra, Aurora Borealis GREEN. Soft Disclosure?

Author — Nobodies


The entire concept you explained was already written in 5000 year old Indian texts. It says-

1. We all are part of a self aware cosmic reality / super being.
2. This self aware universe (In Hindu terms- Shiva) is considered to be God. Don't take it in a religious way. Unlike western religions, Hinduism does not define god nor considers god as a separate being who is superior and takes care of us. In Hindu culture, we all are gods / part of god. It means that we all have consciousness which is part of the cosmic collective consciousness which is every where in the multiverse. So basically we all are part of this God/ cosmic consciousness.

Personally I feel proud when I watch these videos and realize that the things that my grandma taught me when I was a kid are exactly the same things scientists are proving now a days by spending billions of dollars on research.

Author — Krishna Nandikes


This is the best complete synopsis of a construct I’d already been thinking about but with all the scientific points to back it up. Excellent video and well described.

Author — Morgan McGary


God, she's gorgeous! Crystals or no crystals!

Author — Rob Mitchell


I watched this really high and HOLY SHIT

Author — Jacob Freiberger


Honestly I have never found a science video that I have enjoyed more.

Author — Marvin J


Science will progress a lot faster if you combine it with spirituality. Cause hear me out, its all the same thing cause we are that thing

Author — Alexx Natividad


The part of this discussion where she introduced consciousness. The experiment where light behaves differently when viewed popped into my mind :)

TGC and blessings in abundance :)

:) And there she mentions the double slit experiment :)

Author — Neal Thomson


This is our reality! We can make our own reality!

Author — Daina Hulme


It's insane how much of this exact same stuff I saw and felt on my first DMT experience! From pixlelated reality, mirrored dimension and 0.168 to 4D QUASI CRYSTALS and past-present-future existing all the time at the same time!
Unbelievably mind-blowing! Especially when (except for the golden ratio) I had no prior information about any of this beautiful madness even existed! So I was just freaked out and in total awe not knowing what to make of it all!
Thank you very much for deciphering my trip so eloquently to me!❤️😅
So kids, remember! When you think you're just "tripping balls". Pay attention bc it might just be a crash course of Quantum Physics! 🤯

Author — Ranek Inpinewoods


I think I experienced all this on an acid trip in the 70's!

Author — Butchman


Btw who’s this red head she’s gorgeous funny and brilliant I need her phone number

Author — Mason Toney


When she said am I stoned? And I actually was stoned lmfao

Author — xPhantomBear V


the smallest particle is not a tetrahedron but a Tetragrammaton

Author — Lukasz Dulka