Di'Ja - Awww Music Video

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  • ℹ️ Published 9 years ago

The beautiful multi talented Mavin artiste Di'ja drops her video for the single Awww.
The song is a melodious sing-tale that captures love from a bold lover's perspective with a fresh approach and a happy ever after feel. Produced by Don Jazzy, this song redefines Africa music standard in every sense of it... enjoy

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Mavin needs to re-release this song. Nigeria was not ready for this sound back then. This song would be such a hit today.

Author — @tokoniakosubo6154


start your 2023 with this in your playlist. YOU CANT GO WRONG!!!!

Author — @D.a.m.i


Feels so good hearing this song again after a long time

Author — @uwahvictor4040


Playing this at 2021, I love my bestie and I just need him to know I'll never leave him.❤️

Author — @riptoyaelema3485


This song reminds of old memories I feel emotional anytime I listen this song😢

Author — @user-bp9us2vf5r


7 yrs down the line still the song rocking. This song is always a vibe

Author — @vdjpaige


2023 and this song still hits hard, evergreen. Big ups Di'ja

Author — @abdulazeezmustapha2984


I'm Kenyan, I listened to this song 8 years ago, and it got stuck in my head but, I never had an idea how to search for it. Okay, 8 years just passed, found the song and nostalgia have taken control of me. This is utopia🛐

Author — @jerryrawlings4544


My uncle's favorite song back then, he played this song over and over at first I hated the song, when he stopped playing it for some weeks that's when I realized I'm already in love with the song. Kudos Di'ja 💞❤️

Author — @preciousakanza5058


I’m still in love with this song, I play it everyday 😊

Author — @modozieprince4382


April 2022 and I'm here smiling.
We need a re-release or remix of this song!

Author — @vickiegrey5146


2022 All The Way.

I missed Dija so much in music industry! For the love I have for her, I'm here in 2022. I'll keep watching the video!

Author — @meniruthankgodnnanna6536


Lyrical intelligence. Instrumental brilliance. Vocal purity. This jam is legend.

Author — @TheOchrome


This song was ahead of it's time. This song must be remix and re-release. God bless di'ja wherever she may be.

Author — @apdapd7568


I can still remember the lyrics, since 8 years ago. That’s great ❤

Author — @user-tb7oj3go2h


I am posting this comment today this 05/12/2022 at 11:43 am from Cotonou, Benin for one day showing this song to my offspring. This sound is a marvel and I will never forget it.Those who are of my opinion, like. God bless Don Jazzy because we need to know wonderful talents. May he also bless Di'ja because thanks to her, when I listen to this song, I am soothed and at peace in my mind.

Author — @paulemery6732


I love this song ! From ivory coast🇨🇮. WE love Nigerian🇳🇬 music

Author — @maximuscyrus2753


This song was my Ex Boyfriend favorite song he passed December 30th 2016 back then we wasn’t fluently speaking English because our basic language is French … well we’re from Ivory Coast 🇨🇮 but this song somehow gives us peace of mind … May his Soul Rest in Heaven 🙏💐 I love you Idriss Toure ❤ Thanks Dii Ja for this Masterpiece 😘👌🏽💐

Author — @OrnellaMonkongue-tw7rq


Im not nigerian.but I think this song is awesome! I've listened to it soooo many times. Even the people around me are beginning to fall in love with the song. Yes, it is different from the typical West African music, more specifically Nigerian music but she still did an awesome job. Anyone from anywhere can lay back and enjoy it.... no one ever said "nigerian" artist have to fall under one category. Besides, im not sure if she cares to be labeled as a "Nigerian" artist or just an artist willing to produce good music.
Sit back and enjoy the tune. If you are going to criticize it let it be constructive criticism so that she can learn for her next hits. Cheers!

Author — @blessed933


This song, wow this song did things to me as a young clueless guy growing up in Nigeria 🇳🇬🇳🇬falling in and out of love, thanks Dija for this masterpiece

Author — @kentolicious