Malaysian graft buster: Voice clips prove Najib Razak cover-up

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Malaysia has released audio recordings that purportedly show former Prime Minister Najib Razak asking the United Arab Emirates' crown prince to help cover up a multibillion-dollar corruption scandal in which Najib has been implicated.
The Anti-Corruption Commission has been investigating his role in 1MDB corruption scandal.
Malaysian and US officials say about $4.5bn was misappropriated from 1MDB. But Najib has denied any wrongdoing.

Michael Hershman is president and CEO at the Fairfax Group, which specialises in corporate risk management. He joins us on Skype from Florida to discuss these latest updates.

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And here in Malaysia the Anti-Corruption Commission is getting attacked and facing political accusations for doing their job 😞

Author — ssruizhang


0:00 Malaysia's Anticorruption Commiten Committee Commishee Commission

Author — Simon Kaggwa Njala


Way to go Lateefa Koya...a bold woman who has been fighting for justice for many justice to be served.

Author — Ssr


There is an apt, beautiful Malay proverb, " sepandai pandai nya Tupai melompat, akhir nya jatuh juga"
Loosely translated, means, a squirrel will one day fall, no matter how acrobatic n agile is the squirrel "
Lesson worth pondering to all Kleptocrats.



Underestimating the intelligence team is the former PM worst decisions in history, about time to release all the evidences, this is just the beginning 👍

Author — nobody


Lots of critics criticizing about the MACC actions rather than the content of the cover up involving the nation sovereign wealth. Nothing wrong to tell the people of Malaysia the truth, right?

Author — Alvin Ang


If he is still the head of government right now, he would go after the whistle blowers. Who tapewired him?
Rule of jungle king

Author — M L


May the truth came out to the light! Amin

Author — Aishah Samsudin


Making Malaysia famous again🇲🇾
Thanks you Najib

Author — kautorstar


For the UAE, yes of course taking part or involving to cover up with Najib wrongdoing also makes them guilty as well. Both are highly known as a well respectful Muslim country's. What a shame to both, especially for Malaysia.
How can a Prime Minister could do and think such a brilliant stupid dumb ideas.. Good job and good luck to you sir.

Author — Floyd Anthony G


Believe it or not.. There is still supporters on him 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

Author — Haziq Hafiz


To the person who leaked this out, you are my HERO. I hope you have more laundry to share.

Author — Andrew Tang


Thanksful to PH on their last general election victory. Without this, the justice for Malaysian has never been done.

Author — F1fans


To all out there. Dont let BN distract all with the arguement on MACC being right or wrong in exposing all the audio. We all just wan justice to all the criminals. I dont care how they obtain the audio n why they release it to public.

Author — Ricco Hayday


I respect mr Najib.. He always makes history.. and makes his wife happy. 😳🍿

Author — Algojo Lapik Tujuh


From on the conversation, it is quite clear that Najib was suggesting that Prince should help out to make both of them look good and out of trouble. So what had the Prince done and what is at stake if he refuse to help out?

Author — Wang Jim


In about 10 seconds..He went from saying ‘ this is relatively a small matter’ to ‘ this is bad.. this is very2 bad’
That explains everything doesn’t it..??

Author — Azlan Nair


Can't imagine a prime minister had a reckless call like that.
A prime minister asking a corruption cover up -directly- over the phone? OMG this man... a phone scammer is better than this. How was he a PM?



Yet his hardcore supporters still says its fake

Author — Dope Chicken


Malaysian anti corruption agency had done a good job!!!! BRAVO!!! 👍👍👍👍👍💪💪💪💪💪👏👏👏👏👏