Evolution of Master Hand Battles (1999 - 2018)

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This video contains spoilers for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate!
All Master Hand battles in 1080p 60fps (Full HD). This includes all of his appearances in Super Smash Bros. as well as Kirby & The Amazing Mirror.

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One of these days, the master hand will get mad and just give us the finger

Author — Thwarting my plans?


Final Destination in Ultimate: Epic boss battle music that has pure intimidation and suspense flowing through it

Final Destination in 64: Some weird but groovy jams

Author — ACErusea


I like to imagone these to represent players, Master Hand being the coordinated player who knows all the combos, and Crazy Hand being the one who button mashes and goes crazy

Author — GalacticGlitch


I’ve always liked that one move Crazy hand has where he just as a seizure

Author — AcornSpice


Master hand: Guys don't worry I got this
The roster: Oh come on, you're like one of the easiest bosses we've ever beaten, what could you possibly do to help us right now?
(Finger-gun cocking)
Masterhand: *You underestimate my power*

Author — Joey Gonzales


Playing as Master Hand is literally the best thing conceivable.

Author — Castafiore PT


Next time on Game Theory:

Are Master Hand and Crazy Hand the Smash Brothers the games keep talking about?

Author — Soren the Kirin


1:45 One of my most memorable moments of all time in Smash Bros and beyond!

Author — Kefgoeroe


Master Hand can turn Super Smash Bros into 18+ whenever it likes. Using one finger.
It is considered as one of the overpowered boss in the game.

Author — Hazim Kamen


I remember the first time I played smash bros, with brawl.
I was a kid, and I tried playing the classic mode after maybe a few matches, using Meta Knight.
I arrived to Master Hand, he A N N I H I L A T E D me.

Author — Luc The Nerdy


I love how in Brawl when you kill Master Hand while also facing Crazy Hand, instead of the game freezing he just dies automatically

Author — Roman McMillan


Can we all think about how the hell a hand is screaming in those games?

Author — ThBonty Hunter


I think Sakurai should make an original Super Smash Bros character that is playable. Something that can surprise us. What do you think?

Author — Null of Yeager


64's Final Destination song has always been my favorite.

And thank you, Ultimate, for finally bringing it back.

Author —


1:01 what a nice ending - Que bonito final

Author — Karina Guzmán


I personally think it's about time Master Hand got some new tricks up his metaphorical sleeve and it makes me think that if it isn't said otherwise Smash Ultimate will be the official 20th anniversary Smash game even more.

Author — Kaguya


I don't know if it's just me... but I love how Master Hand and Crazy Hand introduce himselfs on Smash 4... the main theme just synchronizing perfectly and then they just salute each other... I don't know, but I think there misses a High Five and you got perfection xD.

Author — NiceVibe


Here's the list of fights with a master's hand and Crazy's hand
00:00 Super smash bros (N64)
1:11 Super smash bros Melee(NGC)
3:47 Kirby & The amazing mirror and 4:23 Máster hand and Crazy hand(GBA)
5:24 Super smash bros Brawl (Wii)
5:49 Super Smash bros.For Wii U (Wii U)
13:26 Super Smash bros. Ultimate(Nintendo Switch)

Author — Exad


Cpt Falcon: Show your moves!
Master Hand: OK
Cpt Falcon: Falcon Punch!
Master Hand:

Author — MF Sistemas671


I always loved it when Master and Crazy Hand used their team up attacks.

Author — F.G.Candy The Animatronic Cat