Mercedes-AMG C63 S 2019 review - see how quick it can get to 60mph | carwow

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  • ℹ️ Published 4 years ago

This is the new Mercedes-AMG C63 S. There are a number of stylistic changes on both the exterior and interior, while under the bonnet you can expect to find a 4-litre twin turbo V8 with the ability to produce 510hp! There’s no questioning its power, but are the other updates only skin deep? Stick with us to find out!

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3:20 – See what Mat thinks about the interior compared to the RS4 & M3! What do you guys think, is he right?

Author — carwow


I've had my 2017 model for just about 2 years now. Still get that little kid excitement when I pick up the keys and walk out the door.

Author — D Patel


Carwow is just on fire ATM!
Ever since Mat joined the team, you guys have been awesome!
Keep up the great content, and congrats on nearly 1 MILLION subscribers!
BTW...carwow International...make it happen!

Author — italia Forza Roma


Perfectly structured. 0-60mph’s at the start to satisfy everyone who clicked because of that, and full review after. No annoying intros either. Nailed it again CarWow! Quickly becoming the best car channel on YouTube. Every video is content I want to watch 👍🏼

Author — Kind Sir


This legit is my DREAM car . Merc fan for life and this is the dream ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Author — Maximilian Malchev


What a fantastic all round car, great looking and superb sounding 😎 And a great review as always.

Author — rare


I drove this car for a 1 hour track experience with an former f3 driver as my instructor. The car is a total beast And best of all the grip level is insane. I left there thinking all day how can I raise £80k to get one with all the trimmings.

Author — zblogger9


Great to see that the steering wheel is finally where it should be and the speed is displayed in the right unit

Author — Marlon Oconner


Love the AMG C63s especially in that spec i would spec it very similar to that car, the rear end looks better too with the tailpipes looking bigger! Not overly loving the new steering wheel tho i prefer the previous one. Also good how it has the AMG GTR traction control slip toggle! Good review as usual!

Author — Nathan Scott


I find that this model is much more attractive, than previous designs, even if it's just a small change on grille and the bumper, but it makes the car standout more, especially on the AMG line

Author — Abdelmoutaleb Ramoul


That new grill is such a good look and it works on all their cars it’s wild

Author — CR


What an exhaust!!! Love it. Still would prefer a c43 for a daily driver. Great review!

Author — Ante Susnjar


Buyed a used 15’ i can tell you there is nothing on the road that feels so special! The sounds makes you stand out! Amazing car, if someone thinking getting one you just have to do it..

Author — istanbul 1453


I like how in sports mode, not only does the exhaust growls deeper, it drools menacingly as well!

Author — nchia


This car is absolutely brilliant in every aspect!

Author — Vincent T.


Would absolutely love to own this car! I'm just sad that it doesn't have the newest MBUX, and the speedometer resolution looks meh.

Author — HiddenWen


I love the new C-class facelift... doesnt look bad by any means. I just think the headlights on the old one look better. Anybody agree.. I like the double tear drop lens.. maybe the new ones has to grow on me...

Author — DWilliams


2:00, The aesthetics and design of the headlights are spectacular. So much details! love it

Author — Plumtastic


I like the classic front design, there's a reason for it. I would pay to have it, if it's an option.

Author — mdtrx


The interior acceleration sound is very much like that of the E63's 😱

Author — RD