A Simple Test Will Reveal Your Deepest Fear

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A Simple Test Will Reveal Your Deepest Fear 4

Our subconscious is a very dark place that takes years and years of psychoanalysis to understand. And it can reveal, among other things, our deepest fears.

Imagine, you’re home alone on a dark stormy night, and the power’s gone out. What could possibly be running through your head right now? All those creepy sounds you hear in the dark? A lightning bolt catching the house on fire? A home intruder breaking in? No? None of this? Well, don’t worry. We all have a fear deep down inside, so let’s find out yours!

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- If you got 100 to 170 points, losing your loved ones is your deepest darkest fear. Your family means the world to you, and you can’t even imagine what your life would be without them. Yep, that’s certainly a terrifying thought…
- If your final score is between 180 and 250 points, it seems that you fear natural disasters most of all. You realize that our planet is in a crisis, and you’re afraid that one of those crazy earthquakes or tsunamis you see in the news or in movies may strike your hometown any day.
- Did you get 260 to 320 points? Well, it looks like you’re afraid of ruining your reputation. You really love your lifestyle and are proud of what you’ve achieved so far. What others think about you means the world to you, and you feel pretty uneasy at the thought of those opinions turning negative.
- In case you scored 330 to 400 points, you must be fearless! Sure, like anyone else, you probably have some pet peeves and things that creep you out a little. But there’s nothing that’s really bugging you all the time. Way to go!

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So, what's your deepest fear according to the test? :)



The scariest experience of my life is when..

I showed my mom my grades

Author — Murfie


Question 1: what's your least favorite season?

A : when you live in a tropical country and there's only 2 seasons

Author — xXGacha PeachXx


"Which of the following job offers would you definitely decline?"

*I'd decline all of them*

Author — Fuwa_Fuwa_ Desu!!


*The scariest thing that ever happened in my life was...-*

*When my sister stole my cookies...*

Author — Kïttÿ Tëã


My biggest fear:

*AkA/Also known As*

Author — 《Gacha Boi》


My fear:

*when the cockroach starts flying...*

Author — frxstyyo


The most scary is when

My mom has the belt in her hands and I show her my grades

Author — J.B rapper


*Smacks test*

I am quote 'fearless'.

My friend: Boo! *is in front of me*
Me: *Screams*

Author — -Aquatic World-


My fear:

im A introvert so im Feared about Being crowded

Author — Tashiro 1663


Me: scared of dark
Bright side: nAtUaL dIaStErS

Author — CokeSir Gaming


The creepiest thing I’ve experienced is homework on Saturday.

Author — crispyPotatoe


Title: This test will reveal your true fear. Question what is your favourite animal

Author — Joel Miller


My biggest fear is :

*When I'm alone in the room with my sisters doll*

Author — Shark Delacruz


I’m not afraid of stuff like tsunamis and earthquakes.

Author — AJ Winningham


*fear: fear for natural disasters*
*me*: soo true 😅😓😭😢😵☠️

Author — dharshini priya


My fear: laying in my bed at night with my arms/legs hanging off of my bed

Author — 111 111


The scarienst thing ive ever seen is my mom without make up

Author — NJP Absorb


I was hoping that clowns were in the list i dont like "it"

Author — APPLE Juice syruP


The scariest of my life moment is when...

i lose all my games... IN FACT IM A TRUE GAMER!

Author — Mr_Peanut400