Footage shows the moment the devastating quake shatters Nepal | Mashable

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Footage shows the moment the devastating quake shatters Nepal | Mashable 4.5

Footage from April 25 shows multiple perspectives from the moment the devastating earthquake hit Nepal.

People can be seen going about their daily business, when the ground begins to shake, gently at first and then more ferociously.

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The flying birds reminded me when I was in Guatemala in 2003, my family and I were in Antigua, Guatemala, at a restaurant when we saw street dogs start running down the street, then the cat inside the kitchen came out running and one of the ladies who was in the kitchen came out screaming in Spanish for everyone to get out saying "Temblor", which is earthquake in Spanish. Just as everyone in the restaurant started getting up the earthquake hit, it wasn't a huge earthquake, but it was very scary. Everyone was in the streets scared, but my family and I were absolutely amazed how those dogs and the cat sensed the earthquake before it happened, and the lady cook knew because she saw the cat and they keep little birds in cages in the kitchen to alert them. Antigua, Guatemala is prone to earthquakes, so people know when animals start running scared or start acting abnormal, everyone should start running as well.

Author — asianthor


The building falling on them was hard to watch, that was tragic. The whole thing was tragic, makes me sick.

Author — warmccl


buildings collapse, roads buckle, and yet the almighty flowerpot stands proud and unmoving in the face of the quake

Author — Annie Mysweet


In that moment, if only they had wings like those birds

Author — Mill


How can we forget this day? This day is gonna remain in the deepest part of our memory. It's scary to imagine even now. Baishakh 12 2072 B.S. is the black day of our country Nepal. Rest in peace for those who died due to this massive disaster. 🙏

Author — kemisha dhakal


0:50 The guy in white ducked trying to find his friend who was hit by the falling building :/

Author — Steeltype


0:33 I'm sure that the guy in the wagon died

Author — PinkRitzy


Birds were like "WHATS GOING ON"?
"We can't keep flying forever"

Author — King Luey


somehow was not expecting that building to fall on them... woah

Author — sloan daddyslim


when the birds take off like that....take cover. mother nature will do whatever she wants whenever she wants. we are nothing. ...

Author — Joe Garagozzo


f**k!! literally a crumbling infrastructure. The footage with the birds sent shivers down my spine.



This makes my heart terrified and gives goosebumps. I can't even fathom what those people must have felt.

Author — Nicky Rathor


Oh, my god... the building fell on him dude i shouldnt be watching this

Author — Vegito Beyond The Gods


Very tragic. This is sad, very sad! :/

Author — Luiz Fernando


I was in the bathroom and I quickly got out only with my underwear



This is like watching San andreas but irl somewhere else

Author — ben4life .2291


This shows how little and weak we are..

Author — El Othemany


Observe... The ancient buildings didn't collapse and the new ones were like pack of cards.
In the beginning, the junction had Bhuddha's statue... Few seconds later the statue was still standing and the cover fell...

Author — Rahul Ranjan


Birds were like what's going on we can't fly?

Author — Basu C


Really dont want this on my recommendations thank you, I can still feel the ground shaking to this day

Author — Sahil Bhaila