Footage shows the moment the devastating quake shatters Nepal | Mashable

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Footage shows the moment the devastating quake shatters Nepal | Mashable 4.5
Footage from April 25 shows multiple perspectives from the moment the devastating earthquake hit Nepal.

People can be seen going about their daily business, when the ground begins to shake, gently at first and then more ferociously.

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somehow was not expecting that building to fall on them... woah

Author — sloan daddyslim


The building falling on them was hard to watch, that was tragic. The whole thing was tragic, makes me sick.

Author — warmccl


f**k!! literally a crumbling infrastructure. The footage with the birds sent shivers down my spine.



In that moment, if only they had wings like those birds

Author — Mill


Big one coming in 2020...
Angry Monster...

Author — Doogie Carpit Burger Smooth Geryd Street


"Haverá... terremotos em vários lugares."
Mateus 24:7

Author — Cicero Ademar Mazinho


0:33 I'm sure that the guy in the wagon died

Author — Zelus


when the birds take off like that....take cover. mother nature will do whatever she wants whenever she wants. we are nothing. ...

Author — Joe Garagozzo


0:50 The guy in white ducked trying to find his friend who was hit by the falling building :/

Author — Steeltype


Shame the ad that came up 1st was about the birth of the new princess - doesn't seem right somehow

Author — Penny Bowers


Very tragic. This is sad, very sad! :/

Author — Luiz Fernando


la ira de dios castigara a los muertos idolatras

Author — Pedro Torres


Nothing could have prepared Nepal for this.

Author — Granite


Notice how the fist small structure to collapse, had a statue of someone in it, I do not know who as I don't study religion. The entire structure collapsed but the statue did not, I believe that this means that whoever that statue is, is looking out for them. My prayers got out to Nepal

Author — Adam Poznanski


What's with all the birds flying in that last segment?  And how is it that the flower pot sitting on that ledge so precariously didn't even move!

Author — kaliyuga2758


Maybe the  inhumane beheading slaughter of 5, 000 animals is not such a great idea after all for good luck..

Author — Thomas Lee