Three Cheetahs Vs Ostrich | Life | BBC Earth

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  • ℹ️ Published 5 years ago

Three young cheetah brothers hunt an adult ostrich.

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props to the cheetah mother who managed to raise three cheetah cubs without losing one!

Author — g smiles


Female Ostrich: “Help me I’m dying.”

Male Ostrich: “I missed the part where that’s my problem.”

Author — Giraffeman


Male Ostrich to female: "I don't gotta outrun them, I just gotta outrun you!"

Author — Emanuel Rodriguez


Cheetahs have a greater kill ratio than lions, leopards and any other big cats.
A great evidence that strength and size isn't everything. Sometimes speed, agility, tactics and a clever mind is supperior to muscle power.

Author — Patrick P


I love how the giraffe is just standing there watching them like "damn somin bout to go down"

Author — Hunter Bachman


I’m just proud of the three brother like props to you guys for coming up with a different strategy, you deserve it.

Author — The Intelligent Cow


This was an incredible amount of teamwork that was displayed by three brothers.❤️❤️❤️

Author — Adiel Mclaughlin


There was something kinda badass about watching those 3 move the way they did. From walking to stalking to hunting to killing. A thing of beauty

Author — AgentCody Banx8


Cheetahs are uniquely designed by nature. Their mesmirizing beauty, their surprisingly high speed and their strategy of hunting makes them one of the most wonderful animals on earth!!

Author — Hyder Ali


Cheetahs would make amazing pack hunters. Their speed would allow them to corner any animal from all angles and bring it down in numbers. A pride of Cheetahs would be truly something spectacular.

Author — Radian 2.0


This is a wonderful video, I don't know how many times I have watched it and it still amazes me. The quality image is incredible and being narrated by Sir David makes it even better

Author — Ilyana


I love seeing the ostrich try and outrun the cheetahs at 2:47 then sees them effortlessly catch up
They really said “nah you’re just not faster.”

Author — Lord Big Mac


A very well narration and filmed sublimely.
Surviving in the savanna: absolutely amazing.

Author — Fredo Joaquim


I’m glad that more cheetahs 🐆 are hunting in groups instead of alone like they always do. It is essential for their survival

Author — web nerd


I love cheetahs, not as powerful as lions, not as stealthy as leopards. They are truly the underdogs of the big cats, but they are such magnificent beasts also!

Author — Matthew Arndt


realmente exuberante, tudo super bem feito, tanto nossa BBC Earth como este planeta, que nós enche de muito orgulho, seria divino, ou na verdade evolução, uau, grande Youtube

Author — newton carneiro


This is the true definition of that it ain’t about outrunning the predator, it’s about outrunning the person next to you.

Author — B Stone


That giraffe was like “Keep walking guys and I didn’t see nothing”

Author — AleisterMeowley


3:45 cheetah closing the eyes seems to be grateful, thats beautiful.

Author — EseJanz


The world has so much to learn from this short clip how beautiful it has been presented with apt comments by David Attenborough. It's beautifully taken and edited

Author — Sidharthan