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Ross Kemp: Return to Afghanistan - Joining the Royal Irish Regiment | Ross Kemp Extreme World 5

Ross joins the Royal Irish Regiment in Musa Qala as they mentor, train and help the Afghan National Army. Whilst with them, he gets to meet the people of Musa Qala and also goes on his next operation.

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love how they doing airstrikes with a old xbox controller

Author — C. NEEKAN


NATO soldiery: Using cover and calling in airstrikes
Afghani soldiery: Being madmen that don't need cover.

Author — Just Your Friendly Neighborhood Chaplain


6:02 watch that slap on the poor motorbike guy lol

Author — Braydon Aguinaldo


As a retired Soldier I would love to shake your hand mate. Excellent reporting, and some big balls you have lol. God watch over you brother!

Author — Kain Mathews


Xbox is a true weapon of destruction 17:05 😂😂😂

Author — the person


35:10 he is going to make an Instagram story I suppose

Author — 5.000 subscriptions with no videos


"The Taliban punish anyone who collaborates with ISAF forces.." *proceeds to show the faces of the various villagers associated with the elder that collaborated*

Author — Mustache Wizard


For people asking about the "X-box controller" Because they're cheap, easy to get, you can understand them at face value and you can modify them.
Why re-invent the wheel when all they have to do is drop 40-60$ on a single controller that's very ergonomic and easy to use?

Author — BriskHound


23:05 hell yeah thats how to fight talibans

Author — Zé Silva


23:48 "eyeyey Chackie Chan" hahah that killed me xD

Author — Tiemo


28:47 you can see destruction coming down. Left side of screen.

Author — James Mangel


41:45 Solider shouts, "They're coming through the trees!" Gets Vietnam flash back.

Author — Thomas5130


Guy teaching ANA how to shoot: "General! Once you have the enemy in your sights, aim with the reticle and fire!
Translator: " Aim at the general direction of the enemy, then fire reticles at them!"
ANA General: "ok easy!"

Author — Onix Junes


17:07 this man flying a drone with an xbox controller😂

Author — Blitz_MG


6:02 dude on the motorcycle cried himself to sleep that night

Author — Jordon Snow


at 11:09. really love the respect the British Officer gave the Local officer, very genuine. this is good to see. that scene was my favourtie

Author — PretentiousPainters


35:11 Afghani IG story being filmed in the background.

Author — Sam Cook


39:57 "That was Pierre the french fighter pilot and that was a show of force..." Best line :D Love it ... Also reminds a bit of FPS Russia...

Author — LSDKUSH


The British military is so positive about the ANA most of the time. Watch any American forces speak about them lol such different perspectives

Author — flodA reltiH


Ross Kemp played a soldier in one of my fave TV shows. Then just to prove he's an actual hard bastard he constantly puts his ass in danger along with real soldiers. What a man. Love ya Ross.

Author — Adam Gardiner