BMX vs Equestrian | Can They Switch Sports? | Sports Swap Challenge

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BMX vs Equestrian | Can They Switch Sports? | Sports Swap Challenge 5
What happens when horse rider Daniel Bluman from Colombia moves from four legs to two wheels? Can Olympic BMX rider Elke Vanhoof from Belgium learn to ride a horse in a day?

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“OMG her reins”, “her heels”, “I was trotting the first time I rode a horse” ... these comments are highly annoying and insensitive!

She’s a total beginner, who appears to be nervous, on a rather large horse. Most of these “first lesson trotters” probably started riding quite young (with an interest in horses), when the fear of falling off and getting hurt wasn’t an issue. Let’s just appreciate the fact she gave it a really good attempt!

Author — aabbii93here


Who else spit out their water when she tried to get the horse to go by shaking the reins?

Author — Heyitsjess


The way she held the reins was killing me

Author — KingForAGreenDay


To every salty equestrian who didn’t like how she was riding remember how long it took you to learn how to ride on a basic lesson horse, let alone an Olympic level jumper. It’s like beginners don’t exist at all to you people and everyone who gets on is expected to understand years of training at once jeez!

Author — Alex J-t


Proof equestrianism is a sport and is hard

Author — qqr qqn


I love this because it truly shows that the horse doesn’t just do everything for you🙌🏻

Author — scothorse


Non horse riders always think that it's easy ( and there's no exercise) to ride a horse...until they actually ride...

Author — MBZ Metalsmithing


"It's insane how much leg you need!" Spoken like a true equestrian 😂😂😂

Author — TheLifeOfH


As a riding instructor it drove me crazy that he happily had her riding round holding her reins upside down.

Author — Jen Burton


did they continue to let her hold thise reins like that

Author — Maggie Brown


Guys stop hating on Elke she’s a beginner rider and she didn’t know what to do!

Author — cello gang


Shouldn't he at least told her how to hold her reins properly and keep her heels down bless her she has no control 😂😂

Author — Evie Baileys


Barn witches everywhere lol give that poor girl a break, I had a great time watching thst vid :D

Author — Nina R.


So many snooty equestrians in the comments 😟

Author — Marisa Lauren


People who are commenting mean things about her and other people ruin this sport. They give the sport and industry a bad reputation, clearly this was her first time on a horse she isn't going to be perfect, and he isn't going to stress over small things when its only for fun clearly she isn't going to be a show jumper, let alone get on a horse again.  More people would ride and enjoy the sport more if it weren't for pretentious people who feel the need to be so judgmental on someone who just got on a  horse and is scared.

Author — jordan gonyer


She's lucky she has such an easy horse . My beginner horse is hard to move

Author — Grace Lui


Any other equestrians enjoy watching non horse people ride 😂 my friends think you say giddy up and they gallop off into the sunset HAH NOPE!! 😂😂

Author — Kellen Reese


This series is very cool. Both athletes gave good efforts.

Author — Gillian Walker


good effort but they are TOTALLY different sports in my opinion as hard as BMX is in my opinion horse riding is harder because its the only sport where the equipment can choose to disagree with you... No h8 I get people will disagree with me but opinions guys, not facts.

Author — Sherri Wright


guys stop judging the poor soul! she was afraid of the horse at the start, the sheer fact that she was willing to mount is good enough for me.

Author — painite