Baroness Von Bon Bon -SPEEDPAINT- (cuphead)

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And welcome to my first SPEEDPAINT! as a guest we have the beautiful and fantastical baroness Von Bon Bon, which I did in my style with a trage for these times that I did myself I hope you like it a lot! do not forget to subscribe and support me!

Baroness Von Bon Bon by StudioMDHR Entertainment

Cuphead OST Sugarland Shimmy Music
Cuphead OST Dramatic Fanatic Music
Cuphead OST Murine Corps Music

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Aqui comienza lo bueno vi este dibujo cuando salil buen video y dibujo genial ah este fue uno de mis dibujos favoritos de esa epoka

Author — XafionXF


This is the most underrated video I have ever seen!

Author — A Bored Fellow


Buen canal deves tener mas subs o ser mas activa o c extinguira f

Author — *Xafion*