ASUS ROG STRIX SCAR 17 2021 360Hz RTX 3080, AMD Ryzen 9 5900Hx Gaming Laptop Testing and Overview!

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This week we've had our hands on the awesome ASUS ROG STRIX SCAR 17. In this video, we take a look at the design on this Premium Gaming laptop such as its gorgeous RGB lighting and premium quality build. We also cover features and specs such as its 360Hz Refresh Rate, 3ms Response time, Nvidia RTX 3080 Graphics card, AMD Ryzen 9 5900HX Octa Core Processor, Dolby Atmos Audio and much more! Check out the video to find out why we think this is an epic gaming laptop for gamers in 2021!

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0:00 Introduction
0:10 Design
0:54 RGB Keyboard & Trackpad
1:10 What is a Keystone?
1:20 What ports are on the ASUS ROG?
1:43 Display
2:10 Gaming specs including refresh rate, response time, GPU & CPU
3:00 Preset Modes
3:14 SSD & RAM
3:40 Battery & Cooling
3:14 Audio
4:50 Wifi 6 connectivity
5:10 Overall

💬 Comments

Can you give more info on the cooling...real time temps figures while gaming?

Author — Champ Hotshot


Will this be easily buy able or constantly sold out?

Author — Zestive


What's your primary language? It sounds perfect English but with foreign accent. Cute though!

Author — krai


If you reduce the hz can you go up to qhd or is it strictly hd?

Author — ThunderBunny45


Is it true that Scar 17 uses the same size heatsink as scar 15?

Author — Alyssa


Thanks for video mine is coming today qhd 3080 scar 15

Author — LanTech


I wanted to get this but im so glad i waited for the legion 5 pro for preorder.. But as to what i see i think this is a good laptop.

Author — themadkiller101


What is the vrr range of this panel for Freesync ? What does the amd driver report ? The 300 hz panel has 48-300 hz range. Is it better or worse on this 360 hz panel ?

Author — Tindreal


Is it easily available in the UK or out of stock sometimes?

Author — JDG


Cool but the problem is that this beast over here is soo rare in this days 😭

Author — ahmed diouri


im happy i got the chance to buy one of those laptops, the one with 300hz and 64 gb ram, is a beast of a machine

Author — Siberian Husky


The arrow keys and number pad is too far over to the right for my taste.. I much prefer the MSI GE76's keyboard layout.

Author — James


How much is it really? Asus website says it's $2999. The link in the description says it's £3500. How does it have such a discrepancy?

Author — TheBloodDragon911


Why there isn't a QHD option like in the US?

Author — Be Curious


let's be can this do that my acer nitro 5 (i7-gtx1650) can't do

Author — Steve Russell


2:36 what's the title of this game she tested?

Author — 송민석