Bad Hair Day? London barber ad mocks Kim Jong-un

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Bad Hair Day? London barber ad mocks Kim Jong-un 4.5

A west London hair salon owner had a couple of surprise visitors this week when two North Korean officials turned up. Much to the barber's dismay, the pair didn't pop in for a short, back and sides. They actually visited over the salon's poster in the window which poked fun at their leader's hairstyle. The advert had the words "Bad Hair Day?" emblazoned across it with a picture of Kim Jong-un, along with a special offer for men's haircuts. Report by Claire Lomas.

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he will be dead by the end of the week

Author — Cadaver2014


What they going to say if someone protest in front of their embassy, with such a poster or maybe even worse?!

Author — Jordan Alexov


The Un Litvinenko-ed his own brother, man! You wanna be careful.

Author — Embittered Drunk


Besides kim is evil idk what yall got with his cut, it really be lookin fire somtimes😳

Author — Smokey Twixxie


Now everybody should put this poster on their window. 

Author — Alan Honore


This guy is a legend. xD but not for long obviously.

Just another way to piss of Kim Jung OOOONN!!! xD I was meant to spell it like that.

Author — Just some chill Alien


Ha, ha, very good! But I wonder if the barber is still alive.

Author — Markus Duesseldorf


Does anybody remember the old 'Herbie The Fat Fury' comic book?  'Just sayin'.

Author — TheOneTrueKaliban


...totally awestruck at the lack of support from most 'crumpets' (on this thread, anyway) toward this guy!...either he, or someone who shares his beliefs, should now go out and make bumper stickers/posters/buttons pertaining to the same theme (including pic) and distribute to thousands who stand in "UNITY"...I fear that most will just do nothing but kick back in the sanction of their tech-dens and wait/watch for this guy now to get "nuked"...for those who are already kicking dirt over this guy, just one word, PATHETIC!!!!...for those not tucking-tail and lending support, GOOD ON YA!!!

Author — KindredSpiritBC


Too damn right & well said that man.Whether or not the report of Kim Jong Un demanding males adopt the same hairstyle as him is true this is England.The two thugs, sorry, representatives of the N.Korean Embassy can go swivel on their adored leader's knob.I wonder how many N.Koreans there are in Britain, & whether each time they see an image of this joker they flip it the middle finger.

Author — JohnPaul Dixon


Something happened like this in the US a guy made a documentary in north Korea without permission and when it was posted online two Koreans came to his office saying they where from the North Korean embassy but you see North Korean does not have an embassy in the US.

Author — Sharpe Tutor