5 Chilling Shadow People Encounters | Creepy Collection

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5 Chilling Shadow People Encounters | Creepy Collection 4.5

The dark and ominous entities known as shadow people are said to be pitch dark figures, darker than the shadows they lurk in. While some say they are friendly, most assert that they are aggressive, malignant entities. Here are 5 chilling and TRUE stories shared by those who have encountered these mysterious beings.


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this is why I wear a sleep mask

*you can't spook me if I can't see you*

Author — Jayly wan wan


When I was younger I looked up from my book (I had one of those bookmark lights), and I saw a shadowy figure in the darkness. It leaned in as if trying to see if I was looking at it. Once it realized it had been seen, it vanished. I got up and ran to turn on my lights. For the next few weeks I slept with my lights on. Eventually I convinced myself it was just my imagination. Years later, I had snuck my girlfriend into my room. In the middle of the night she woke me and made me walk her home because she said there was a dark figure watching us sleep.

Author — BroKenny16


I just inhaled some flamin' hot cheeto dust. my nostrils are burning.

Author — Emmy D


There was this one time where I thought I was seeing a shadow person. The door slowly creeked open... Making that loud screeching sound waking me up. I saw a small, low, pitch black figure. Creeping closer... Closer.... It paused for a moment. It appeared to be staring at me. Before moving closer. In my head I was thinking "Dammit dammit dammit"... I couldn't move. Paraylised in fear. The figure.... Jumped... Onto my bed. "OH SHI-" I yelled... Before getting smacked in the face repeatedly... With a tail... "Oh hey, Char-Char!"...

It was my dog. .-.

Author — Diamond Dog


My mother is convinced she seen a Shadow Person when she was around 12. She seen it climbing up her house a couple of times, spooky stuff.

Author — Feather


I don't know if it was sleep paralysis or something, but when I was awaken randomly, I saw shadows which had the silhouette of my Parents, they were arguing over financial things I guessed, as there were papers and dollar bills, then I turned to look at my side, where my Mom was, there she was lying, sleeping. I closed my eyes with fear, and fell asleep...

.. but there was a window in the room, where it was face to face to my neighbors window, which their lights were on.. but I don't know! Still a tale to tell my grandchildren when I grow old, I'll never know what the thing in my room was..
Also, there is a scary encounter that my sister when through.. ;]

Author — Hurryduth Mohindee


The first and only time I've seen one was in my room in sophomore year of high school.
I cannot, for the life of me, remember what I was doing, but I was facing the corner of my room closest to me and turned around.
Now, my closet is just a further extension to my room. Not very far back but a third of the length of the wall. With no door either. But it's full, no space for anything. It even contains my pony-sized dog's kennel - which is half the reason nothing else can fit.
Anyway, When I turned around, I saw a very tall solid black lengthy figure walking from my closet. It was nearly to the ceiling (that's how tall). And it's arms seemed a bit too long for its already stretched body.
But no matter how voidly black it was, it had these 3 solid white button-like things down its torso.
It was there for 2 seconds at best before it simply.. vanished before my eyes. But I am SURE of what I saw. It was there for long enough for me to *know* it was, in fact, there. I don't recall a face. But it didn't seem evil or good. Just a neutral passerby maybe.
Either way, this is the event that led me to actually believe in these types of things.

Author — Hidden Fate


I've seen one of these before, I was hanging out with my friend and my house and my parents weren't home. Me being the paranoid thing I am wanted to close all the windows, we ended up closing a curtain that has never been closed before. On the curtain looked like a black figure sitting down with us veiwing it from the side, we spent a few minutes seeing if anything could be casting a shadow like that. Decided no and drew the conclusion that it's a shadow person. We are believers in the shadow people are not bad theory, and my friend has like 5 in her house, so we were calm about this. Left it alone and continued with what we were doing.

Not the spookiest thing but mah I don't see these guys as scary unless you piss them off.

Author — JustAnotherFurryNerd


Call me crazy, but I swear I've seen one of the shadow people.

I was messing with my friend by taking her bag. We were at a party, and there were some woods nearby.
I went to hide in the woods, I still had her bag in my hands, and I heard her shouting for me.
After a bit, I was about to go back to her, when I feel something on my shoulder. I look over and see this dark, pitch black hand on my shoulder. I didn't even look far enough to see the body connected to the hand, and to this day I still don't think the hand looked like a solid, human hand. I bolted, screaming.
My friend asked what happened when I gave her bag back, and when I told her, I'm pretty sure she just thought I was crazy, and we just laughed it off. I never really mentioned it after that.

Author — bagelee


I love this shadow man squatting down like he going to sing "Why you always lying" to this man

Author — Jonathan Perez


"And a field of weeds" SMOKE WEED EVERY DAY

Author — Crystalline Rose


one night when i was laying in my bed i felt like i was being wached i opened my eyes and saw a dark ogure floating above me when it noticed i was awake it flew so hard into the mirror on my closet door the door slammed shut.

Author — Kai_ Bro


Once I saw a shadow person.

I had just gotton back from McDonald's, when I thought I saw a man's leg, as it dissapeared while walking beghind my dads workvan. I jogged over to the other side of the van, where I saw the man. but, nothing was there. creepy.

Author — Candi Sweets


I too have encountered something like this. I was alone in my room, sleeping. It was around 2-3 am in the morning. There is a mirror just before my bed. The moment i looked at that mirror i saw a black figure in the reflection. I am not sure whether that was my imagination or not. Besides i always feel like being watched . i always feel like of some movement in my peripheral vision. Please let me know whether is ok or not.

Author — BIG BLAZE


Once when I was sleeping and my grandmothers house I saw one of these in the stairway. I was at the perfect angle that I could see the stairway clearly. It was atleast 10-12 feet tall as it was in the middle of the stairway, watching me from there. It had one arm on the railing. It was humanoid but the strange thing was that it did not have any eyes, nose, ears, or mouth. Another strange thing was that it faded into the shadows as soon as I saw it... After I saw it I just went to my grandmas room and sat in a chair not making any move for HOURS until my grandma woke up. Also during this night there was flash flood warnings in our area, it rained enough water to make a temporary creek in my grandmas backyard.

Author — Joe


When I was eight years old I saw a shadow person sitting on the ceiling of my bedroom. Then in 2016 I saw the same shadow person inside my room beside my closet. The first encounter was on the night of a power outage. I could see two red orbs staring at me.

Author — Leigh Bailey


I've seen these shadow people when I was younger. When I'd see them out the corner of my eye they would just dart away very quickly when noticed. This continued for a while until one day when I was 16 I was living at my dad's house and wasn't working at the time so was home alone. I went to the fridge to get something to eat then froze as I felt a presence in the kitchen with me. I did the whole slow turning thing and was hoping it was just in my head then saw a showdow figure all black human shape but no features staring at me. Got goosebumps scared the shit out a me. Then it just held that position for a few seconds then very fast flashed straight through me. This was in broad daylight as well so not a hallucination. Saw then a few more times in my life after that then never again. Been around 15 years since then

Author — David Ward


I do remember one time when I was with my mom at her gym, I was putting away the equipment that she had used (like weights, metal bars, etc.). And as I was putting the weights on their shelf, I saw a shadow about a few feet away from me in the corner of the room. I had assumed that it was just one of the other people my mom was exercising, but as I turned to look at her/him, nothing was there. It was creepy and I still don't know what it was because I could've been my imagination or not.

Author — Scars Galore


Whenever I have my arm or leg hanging off my bed, and I get scared that something will grab me or touch me, I imagine that the thing just soothing me and comforting me.
Now that I explain it, it sounds a bit weird, but idk it helps

Author — lilyjayye


Bruh listening I didn’t see a shadow person before but when I was asleep with my mom out of nowhere a face appeared, i only saw the eyes and mouth and everywhere around it was dark but then it started laughing and I INSTANTLY woke up, I was terrified ;-;

Author — Junko Enoshima