Korg Pa4x , Korg nanoPAD2 & Korg Kontrol Editor Overview

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  • ℹ️ Published 4 years ago

Exploring the nanoPAD2, Korg Kontrol Editor and the Pa4x. The nanoPAD2 can now be connected directly to the Pa4x without using an adapter.

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Thanks for a great video. You've mentioned that FCB1010 is a good one for all Korg arrangers. Is there any similar foot controller available from Korg? The detailed FCB1010 tutorial talks about a third party software editor for programming it & it's a bit complicated. Plus it says that we need to physically exchange a chip on its mother board to do a firmware update as it doesn't have a usb port for doing the update through a computer. Both these points puts a doubt about the success of the device. Please suggest. I basically need a foot controller to manage few parameters from foot. Thanks.

Author — Gaurav


Good job ! Do you think it is possible to assign chords of the left part of a Pa3x to the pads of the nonopad2 with the global channel or the Chords1 or Chords 2 channel ?

Author — Laurent verifect


Amazing, thanks! This video is exactly what I was looking for 👍

Author — Paul André


Would you mind telling me how did you grip the nanopad on top of your Keyboard? I am looking for a solution to securely place my nanopad and akai sampler pad on top of the keyboard to easily access. Does using a sticky Velcro damage the paint on top of the synthesizer?

Author — vindsoft


Thank you this tutorial is very helpful..but I have some problems regarding this topic.. can you tell me what version your KONTROL Editor is? mine is and I've found that some menus are different from your video..I don't have Program Control option in the list and I cant find it anywhere in the apps..next question, can you connect nanopad with other korg arranger keyboards?I tried using pa700 and 600, both don't work..oh, my nanopad is nanopad 1, not 2

Author — Yonathan Yon


Hi sir,
would you please make us a video how to set up AKAI LPD8 controller with PA4x.
Thank you so much

Author — AC Productions


Hi ..
How to change 16 Midi channels using NANOPAD buttons - what i mean is = if i want to use Midi Channel 1 in Sequencer Mode then i hit PAD NO 1..if i want to use Midi Channel 2 then i hit PAD NO 2 & so on....
Can u please explain it ?



Hi I have Korg pa4x ver. 3.1 and Nano2 pads I want to trigger Variations and fills from Nano2 to Pa4x but it is not recognizing Nano2 please help

Author — Deepak Kumar Satellites


Is it possible to assign sounds to the pads?

Author — Hakan Kara


Hello, how is it useful for korg pa2x pro ?

Author — Dyaman Dany ramirez


Hello first congratulations on the video, and I would like to know if it is possible for this nano pad 2 to work pa600 thanks.

Author — Andson Tecla


Sorry.... but.... why do u have to do this when you have the button for these functions on the pa4x panel????

Author — Alessandro De Angelis


can be connected nano pad korg to a kor pa 600

Author — Hugo Mayo Astudillo