Jacob and Son's & Joseph's Coat

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Jacob and Son's & Joseph's Coat 4.5

This production of "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" was performed 3/16/11-3/20/11. With 5 selling shows, this musical proved to be a very entertaining and energetic high school performance. The show was performed by Grand Island Northwest high school students, as well as elementary aged students from surrounding areas in Nebraska who took part in the children's chorus. Grand Island Northwest high school puts on a spring production every year, and has gained a reputation of excellence. Enjoy the videos of this high school production, "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat". Thank you for watching!


Joseph- Konnor Davis
Narrators- Kendra Davis, Danielle Jim, and Courtney Pattison
Teachers- Tawnny King, and Paige Dankert
Jacob- Steven Bartz
Reuben- David Shocke
Simeon- Connor Dennhardt
Levi- Brad Durand
Naphtali- Brady Sullivan
Issachar- Jordan Olson
Asher- Judd Garner
Dan- Michael Cantrell
Zebulon- Nick Luhn
Gad- Ryan Hudnall
Benjamin- Brandon Bachle
Judah- Brian Vasey
Potiphar- Alec Powers
Mrs. Potiphar- Jessie Daws
Butler- Michael Cantrell
Baker- Brian Vasey
Pharaoh- Sam Gonnerman

Musical Director- Mr. David Sackschewsky
Stage Director- Carol Quandt
Assistant Musical Director- Phil Hesterman
Children's Choir- Joni Ramsey
Accompanist- Cindy Coe
Choreographer- Katie DiCicco
Assistant Choreographer- Ryan McCarty, and Kathryn Kopf
Set Design- Brehm Builders/Kevin Brehm, and Greg Arnett
Light Design- Theatrical Media Services/ Justin Borgelt
Sound Design- Yanda's Music/Nate Pearson
Costume Manager- Christy Hewitt
House Manager- Peggy Marker
Box Office Manager- Brenda Roth
Advertising- Laurie Stutzman
Publicity- Jenna Eberle
Stage Managers- Vianey Holgion, Brianna Willis, Emily Blayney, and Joe Bartz

Thank you to all who helped, supported, and were involved in any way!

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god shes good. i have my auditions for this soon aaah!

Author — icantdomymathhw


Doing this play now, this version of fthe song is awesome!

Author — PokemonAndDragons


I'm going to be in this musical at my school!I'm in the chorus but I can't wait!I'm really excited and scared!This one is really good!We just started rehearsals on Monday but I missed Mondays because I thought I wasn't in it but I am!We started by practicing the dancing for Jacob And Sons!I can't wait to practice more and to actually perform the whole thing!

Author — MegaJonasfever


@KelliKillsBarbies you were in this ?? WOW its awesome

Author — Alicia Maynard