John McCain and Sarah Palin Do QVC - SNL

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John McCain and Sarah Palin Do QVC - SNL 5

On the eve the presidential election, John McCain and Sarah Palin (Tina Fey) address the nation on QVC, and sell some campaign merchandise too. [Season 34, 2008]


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McCain was a good guy. We're a better country because he was one of our leaders and he set a good example for others to follow.

Author — LearnAmericanEnglishOnline


These pre-Trump days seem so....quaint.

Author — Ken Simmons


Anybody watching this after McCain passed away?

Author — Ahad Chowdhury


Say what you will, McCain had a sense of humor and the ability to joke about himself. That's a rare quality. I might not have agreed with him on politics, but he was a good guy. RIP, John, and I wish your family well.

Author — senselocke


Got to admire McCain for having a sense of humor and doing the show. Tina is great as always as Palin. She might have made a better running mate than the real thing,

Author — Will McCormick


It’s like McCain already knew he had lost and was just going along with the joke and enjoying himself. Such a badass.

Author — KevLaw26


McCain has decent comedy timing. Kudos to him.

Author — sammygirl6910


Remember when we thought we dodged a bullet because Palin didn't get VP?

Author — antred11


Full credit to John McCain I'm a progressive but this guy is a decent man.Politics aside he has a lot of front.

Author — wayneo1269


RIP Senator McCain. It takes a great man to be able to laugh at himself, something Trump will never be able to do.

Author — S D


he could barely keep a straight face because he knew that Sarah is that kind of a nutjob and that there wasn't much exaggeration

Author — electric_magnetic


"I'm a true Maverick, A Republican withou money" I laugh really hard here.

Author — Gustavo


I might be a far left freak, but I'm sane enough to know that John McCain is an amazing man. I respect him like no other current politician. God bless to him!

Author — McKinley


With hindsight something tells me McCain would have been much happier to run with Tina Fey as his VP than the actual Sarah Palin.

Author — Professicchio


Kudos to McCain for agreeing to do this and having a great sense of humor.

Author — Orelion


A man willing to make fun of himself shows a humble and caring core. You also had high ideals for the greater good and worked tirelessly to achieve them. You were willing to admit when wrong yet was respectful to your opposition. They don't make them like that anymore. We live in hope. You are a great example. Thank you for your service to the USA and the world Sir. RIP Senator John McCain. From Australia.

Author — CharKi


John McCain: "So when you go to the polls on Tuesday, remember, country first." Remember the decency of the 2008/2012 candidates? How far we have come that now we have a president who only cares for himself.

Author — jerkasmo


I respect Mr. McCain and his wife for doing this so close to the election. We need more like John McCain, not less. I lean left but dang we need more moderates in both parties. People working together despite their differences.

Author — MegaBakerdude


McCain actually had a sense of humor. Unlike President Bone Spurs.

Author — Nathan Baker


Didn't vote for him, but McCain's not a bad guy. He's pretty funny in this!

Author — Molly McNair