When YASUO Mains Get Creative...

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When YASUO Mains Get Creative... The Best Yasuo One Trick Players, 200 IQ Outplays, Perfect Wind Wall Blocks, Pro Tips, Tricks and Combos in a League of Legends / LoL Montage

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▼Players featured in this League of Legends Montage:


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Track: Egzod & EMM - Don't Surrender [NCS Release]

Track: Heuse & Tom Wilson - Ignite [NCS Release]

Track: Chime - Lifelong [NCS Release]

Track: Tinoma - Find You [NCS Release]

Track: Clarx & Harddope - Castle [NCS Release]s.

Track: Cream Blade - Heavenly (feat. Romi) [NCS Release]

Track: ROY KNOX x WTCHOUT - Shadows (Feat. Sviivan) [NCS Release]

💬 Comments

I see, all the enemy team yasuos have gathered in one video.

Author — İbrahim Turan


Enemy Yasuo: **carries the team**
Our Yasuo: Inting is like the wind, always by my side...

Author — Sate Ayam


Seeing a yasou actually being useful without reaching his 0/10 powerspike is cool

Author — ayakawisher


That guy blowing up the blastcone just to give his teammate's Pentakill deserves respect.

Author — Riko Kazuko


And then there is my teams yasuo, diving into 8/0/2 tryndamere.

Author — LifeCycles


I know it's not always the case, but I feel like watching these compilations is more like watching the other team be bad more than the player be great. Some were insane outplays, but sometimes it's like, "would you like a triple, sir? Here, on the house!"

Author — PulseTriangle


yasuo main’s E dashes twice the usual distance

Author — Kamzhi


when yasuo players realize they have 1 million mastery points

Author — Caslav Davidovic


I met a Yasuo main
he was really good at feeding creatively....

Author — Milzzz


When a tower is 1 HP and you dive someone, that's just moronic. One tap the tower then kill him.

Author — Allen Han


That's why I love to play Yasuo, you feel you control your own destiny and at the same moment you are always a threat to the enemy team like Irelia but Irelia has less mechanics and more broken stats that doesn't let you fall behind even if feeding, while Yasuo is more about the mechanics and decision making because he can fall behind if not played properly.

Author — AldoAlfredoRamirezR


The most creative way of playing Yasuo: Going 10/0 instead of 0/10

Author — Nek0N


Pro tip: don't try to run from yasuo using W as ziggs.

Author — Wiktor Drębski


Enemy Yasuo: *emits strong killing aura

Our Yasuo: *emits strong gold aroma

Author — BiBi-kun


it's because of these montages that we find 0/11/2 yasuo players in solo queue

Author — Thunder93ita


Wonderful content and editing video, really enjoyed it. Keep it up and you have

my full support see you around mate!!!!_!!

Author — kingVII


Say what you want about yasuo but plays like these are admirable and just amazing

Author — Satan m8 C


I love that one Syndra who thought she killed him with ult so she dabbed, just to immediately die lmao

Author — Xavier Ren


one of the things i hate versing is a yasuo main that actually knows how to fully utilize yasuo potential to the max.

Author — veganhunter


I can do almost all of the 1v3 but the first one is actually sick, i doubt that i can think of doing that in that kind of situation.

Author — Vladimir