PLAYER DIES?! (Cartoon Animation)

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  • ℹ️ Published 5 months ago

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Player tries to save Kissy Missy from the evil clutches of the CEO, but fails and falls to his doom! Now everyone at Playtime Co. mourns the loss of their favorite plastic friends. Meanwhile, the Prototype comes up with a dubious scheme to make everyone his minions!

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💬 Comments

Is Prototype the best villain in all of Playtime Co.? Or is it the CEO? Or Mommy Long Legs?

Let us know who you think is the most evil in a comment below!

Author — GameToons


Player's positive thought for achieving goals. "I always find a way."

Author — suhasini bhat


Prototype: sometimes powerful and controls mind controlled minions
Player: always finds a way and stopped the prototype

Author — Khorey Alexander


I love how bunzo generously writes a 20-minute poem about player and his reaction is: bunzo no!

Author — NotLunaRoblox


player always finds a way he always does that's why he's the best

Author — Rachel Clarke


CEO: Terrifyed of ghosts
Also CEO: Works in a Factory full of alive, creepy monsters

Author — H Ah


*I love how over half of the people at player's funeral have tried to kill him multiple times.*

Author — SMToon Türkçe


It's hilarious how all of the characters at the funeral that have been trying desperately to kill player are now suddenly sad that he's dead.

Author — Michael Watts


Player is my favorite character I appreciate how much work they put into their videos ❤

Author — Emmithebest


Player: *Trying to find a way out*
Meanwhile TheGent- I mean the CEO: *p a r t y*

Author — / !! !ns3cur!ty c0ll3ct0r !! \


almost all of the cartoons I watched were very hilarious, which made me always happy

Author — Smile Stories


Player is always there to save the ones that he cares about the most 💖

Author — Rose Holt


Is player gonna pretend to be a ghost for the CEO until he finds out?

Author — Vicki Peacock


CEO: Deals with monsters at the toy factory.
Also CEO: Terrified of ghosts.

Author — Hornstromp


This is pretty hilarious, especially when you notice how one of the guests attending Player's funeral were his attempted killers. Also, it's so funny and ironic to learn the CEO is afraid of ghosts.

Author — HungTheHeroLuu


the villain explaining his whole plan to player so that player could figure out what to do

Author — Cohen Estilette


5:34 imagine if they did a whole episode revolving around that

Author — James


Player is a good toy. He saved Kissy Missy.

Author — Jenna and Jaden


The Prototype, because he's the real manic villain in this series so far.

Author — Ahmad Fitri Mu'ammar


I love how over half of the people at player's funeral have tried to kill him multiple times.

Author — Grootatron