24 Things to Do in San Francisco

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24 Things to Do in San Francisco 5

24 Places to Explore in San Francisco -

San Francisco is one of the most visited places in California and is on many people's bucket list to visit from around the world. The Bay Area city is a fantastic place to explore and even though I have been a dozen times already I still get excited to go back. Here are 24 of my favorite spots to visit in the city. Let me know what you want me to cover next in the comments.

Spots from this video:
1. Golden Gate Bridge
2. Alcatraz
3. Ferry Building
4. Rincon Park
5. Coit Tower
6. Cable Cars
7. Chinatown
8. Lombard Street
9. Fisherman's Wharf
10. Maritime National Historic Park
11. Ghirardelli Square
12. Palace of Fine Arts
13. Wave Organ
14. Presidio
15. Painted Ladies
16. Twin Peaks
17. Golden Gate Park
18. California Academy of Sciences
19. Lands End
20. Sutro Baths
21. Marshall's Beach
22. Fort Point
23. Point Bonita Lighthouse
24. Muir Woods

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Author — California Through My Lens


I live in sf and I haven't been to half of these places

Author — Clapped Kevin


I've lived in the Bay Area my whole life and haven't done most of this stuff lol. I'm such a good tourist in other cities, just not at home.

Author — Cindy C


Born and raised here in SF so here is my local tip. Use one of the many bike shares that this city has to offer. You can start at the Ferry Building with some lunch. Afterwards, you have a 5 minute bike ride to Pier 39. From Pier 39, you can walk around the rest of Fisherman's wharf then walk to Ghiradelli Square. From Pier 39 to Ghiradelli is about 5 blocks so its a very short walk. From Ghiradelli, grab a bike again and ride down to and along the Marina all the way to the Palace of Fine Arts, which is probably about a 15 minute bike ride. Take a walk around there then get back on the bikes and take another 10 minute ride along Crissy Fields and end up at Fort Pointe to take in the views of the Golden Gate Bridge from below. With a snack in between and just wandering those parts of the city, this could take up an entire day. Take a short ride back to Chestnut Street to grab some dinner at the many restaurants and drinks at the many bars and its a day.

On another day, Golden Gate Park and the Painted Ladies (Alamo Square) are very close to each other as well. Its not quite walking distance (12 long blocks) but a bike would come in handy here as well. If you go to Golden Gate Park on the weekends, the main parts are closed off to cars so it makes biking much easier. Hit the Conservatory of Flowers then the Academy of Sciences. If its getting close to dinner time, take the short walk over to 9th and Irving Street. Park Chow is my favorite in that area and Pacific Catch is on the same block.

Author — Shakester71


The pronunciation of "Ghirardelli" hurt my soul

Author — Blake


What about the Exploratorium, SOMA, the SF Symphony, ballet, and opera? What about the Mission, Castro, Haight-Ashbury and North Beach?

Author — Matt Chikudo Moore


"Muir Woods is about 35 minutes from downtown San Francisco." 🤣🤣🤣
You know what's 35 minutes from downtown San Francisco? Downtown San Francisco. Especially on weekday afternoons.

Author — Gunslinging Bird


I hope this guy knows theres a lower half to the city

Author — kevinobando01


He missed:
Downtown sf

Author — Hopeless Pepperoni


Make sure to go and walk the streets of the Tenderloin. You’ll see lots of cool stuff.

Author — Erwin925


One thing to do there. Walk around. The rest will take care of itself. =) Great vid!

Author — Ian Johnson


And hide your valuables. Tourist sites=break-in sites.

Author — rgeorgek42


SERIOUS CABLE CAR TIP (from a life long local)
Step 1: Get your ticket from the vending machine.
Step 2: FORGET THE LINE AT THE TURNABOUT. The cable car operators do NOT fill up the car all the way at the turnaround. If they did, the system would be useless as public transportation for anyone who lives here. SO, take advantage of that and walk a few (4 or 5) blocks up the street and just catch the cable car on a corner. You'll be on the outside part (the best part) and no waiting in line.

Author — Grady Broyles


You can't just say Muir Woods is "in" San Francisco. The headlands maybe, but Muir Woods is smack dab mid-Marin County

Author — Ricky Jaeger


Something I used to do while living in SF is go up this street next to a cheap hotel called Golden Eagle Motel (I believe) and you'll come across a set of stairs that lead to these apartment complexes. In front of the stairs there's some benches. I used to always sit there during the night. Especially around Christmas. And you'll get a great view of the Golden Gate bridge (and its lights if you go on Christmas). Not a lot of people go there. It was my get away from all the chaotic, noisy parts of SF. It's pretty quiet there besides the cars that sometimes pass by. You can even buy some pizza nearby or whatever you wanna eat.

Author — President Moore


He didn't even include half of the city!

Author — Francisca


"You can change dollars into quarters"
Taxes been doing that to me for years.

Author — Jordan Henri


Who the hell dislikes a informational video?

Author — Joe Exotic


As a person who lives in the Bay, I haven't done half of these

Author — Kavin Saravanan


At first I was ready to condemn this video for only showcasing extremely touristy spots, but as it went on, I began to appreciate the selections more- Musee Mechanique, Maritime Museum, Presidio, Land's End, Golden Gate Park (the Acadmeny of Science)... Muir Woods. Though all these spots attract tourists, they were showcased well. What I really appreciate about this video was that it wasn't just a bunch of stock footage, it appeared to actually be original content... all that considered: well done! (Thank you for not putting Pier 39 on the list.)

Author — NorCalCorsello