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Are you struggling to grow out that handsome looking face sweater?

International barbering ICON, Founder of Victory Barber & Brand, and GQ grooming guru Matty Conrad teaches you some of the most important things you need to know about growing a truly magnificent beard.

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Hey man. As somebody who is legally blind, I just want to say I really appreciate how verbally descriptive you are in all your videos. I feel like I can envision everything you’re describing easily because of how clear you are. Keep up the great work

Author — ghost mall


1. Don’t trim your beard when it’s wet
2. Beard oil is mostly for the skin
3. Be careful with your outline
4. Don’t set the top line too low
5. Stop over trimming
6. Stop using plastic combs
7. Stop using soap and body wash
8. Stop comparing your beard to others

Author — Cody Leach


This will come in handy in 20 years when I can finally grow a full beard.

Author — Taxtro


I'm 67 and growing mine for 8 years. As a rideshare driver, younger guys always asked me, "how do you grow it that long"?
My answer was, "don't cut it".
Seriously, you never know what you have there until you let it grow, only then can you address any issues.
As for grooming, I guess I'm lucky. I just use Zest soap in the shower, then apply a bit of liquid mink oil while it's still damp. I've used most every product out there, and it always looks the same anyway.
As for trimming, start by letting it get "too long", then trim conservatively until you get a look you like.
My mantra is " You have to go through ugly to get to beautiful, but there's a fine line between handsome and homeless ".

Author — Horace Feathers


I'm on my 4th iteration of my beard. Started during lockdown like so many of us. 3 months of growing and started to have some growth for a change. Roll on 3 years and now it grows pretty consistently. I'm considering one final fresh start as ive just recently decided to grow my hair again too so i can kind of see how it all fits in together and shape ot how i want to

Author — Alec Harmson


One does not choose to grow a beard. It grows by itself. One only chooses whether or not to shave.

Author — John Gullotti


Been growing a beard for over 2 years now. Your content really helped me out with my beard. Keep up the good work!

Author — Rodi Doesburg


My favorite suggestion from you is not to compare my beard to others. Its something that I believe most people do. I now accept what I have and it's working! Thanks!

Author — Mike G


Thank you for doing these videos. Been waiting almost 20 years to start my beard and your videos have been instrumental in guiding me down the path to the beard I’ve only dreamt about having until now. Thank you.

Author — Gettin' Lost


Finally! A concise, thorough, and comprehensive beard care video. Thanks, Matty.

Author — Josh Mitchell


I’m 19 with a full beard. Been growing it since I was 15. I’ve always wanted to learn how to make my beard look and feel as good and healthy as possible. This video helps so much! Thanks

Author — David Pipes


The last one is so important. I've been going with a long beard for almost 7 years over two different stints. I've been told by people "I can never grow a beard like you." That's right, no one can like me because my beard is mine and it fits my face. It took me over a year of trimming, experimenting, and making mistakes to determine how to make my beard work for me.

So now it's easy to respond to those comments. Grow your own beard, have fun with it, make mistakes, and enjoy what you have. Eventually you'll figure out how your beard behaves and you'll adapt your grooming habits to support your beard. The only mistake (other than picking bald spots in your beard) is being afraid to let it grow.

PS. I find any all natural shampoo and condition that avoids chemicals and colors to be sufficient. A specific beard wash isn't always necessary. Oil for your beard is key. Don't skimp on that. I currently use Dr Squatch shampoo and Beard Care Club oils.

PPS. As an added though, plastic combs can work, but they'll cost you. You want one that is well made. Cheap combs often have imperfections that leave barbs sticking out that can snag and pull hair. Something like a Kent brand that is handmade is crafted to remove those barbs that will damage your beard. But just to be safe, I always comb with a wide tooth comb first to remove the tangles and then use a finer one if I want to do something different style wise.

Author — riffbw


38 years old and just grew my first beard. Didn't have enough growth until recently and used to have a job where shaving daily was required. Man it takes forever to grow for some people. What would take Matty 4 weeks to grow took me 8 months. But 8 months later, it finally got to the point where it looked like it needed a trim. I followed Matty's advice on the gq video and shaped it.. a bit of a learning curve as I quickly noticed my own face and growth doesn't quite work using the same exact procedure as his.. but the steps were basically the same. I had to tweak it a little bit because my upper sideburns have so few hairs, you can count them individually and my cheeks are patchy. I had to fade down and am now trying to figure out how to sculpt a lower setting beard. I don't like the thin, penciled in look, but have to deal with a lower set beard regardless. Trial and error but this method on the videos really helped open my eyes

Author — Barry B. Benson


Thanks, your advice on how to grow a beard really helped. The hardest time period ws getting through the awkward phase when it just didn't look like much.Everyday I said to myself, "don't touch 2 months later and I am really happy with my beard and learning how to care for it.

Author — The French Gardener


If only I knew this several years ago. So happy to have discovered you and your great advice. Thank you for taking the time and making the effort to help us all.

Author — Simon Hawkshaw


Brilliant video, dude! Thank you truly for all this info, there’s a couple things I’ve clearly been doing wrong which I’ll immediately fix and I’ll take this advice to heart. Thanks again for all this helpful advice from someone who’s trying to grow a successful facerug!!

Author — Ryan Dubyah!


I'm just starting to venture in the beard world. Spent the last 23.5 years unable to grow a beard (Army) and have just now started as of last Sept. These tips are very helpful, especially with setting expectations. Time to just let it grow and see what I have to work with.

Author — jeremiah malich


After 30 years of a goatee and mustache I'm finally trying to grow a full beard. From what I've learned there is a phase where it won't look good. Won't be full. Won't lat the way you want. But once grown long enough it fills in and looks good. I'm figuring at least 6 months to be fully grown in...well I hopey dad couldn't grow a beard. Well see. Thanks for the pointers

Author — Diamond Back


Rule #8: Is not the beard on the outside that counts, is the beard on the inside - Action Hank, 1997

Author — Gabriel Segura


Rule 8 is a good one. I don’t compare mine to anyone else in general but my beard grows straight down on the left side and curves to the right the other side of my face lol. This is always hard for me to judge how to trim it. I think I’ll try to grow it long for the winter. Thanks

Author — spidermonkey304