GTA Online Diamond Casino Heist: Aggressive, Smash and Grab, $2,627,469 Payout Full Heist

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GTA Online Diamond Casino Heist: Aggressive, Smash and Grab, $2,627,469 Payout Full Heist 5

The Aggressive approach to the Diamond Casino Heist trying to be as efficient as possible for maximum potential earnings.

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Title :: Casino Heist Two
Track is composed by :: Unknown
Stems are remixed by :: TomilovSenya
Track is a property of :: Rockstar Games

💬 Comments on the video

There should be a setup to obtain armored duffel bags

Author — SomeYoutubePerson 0


“Texas is the biggest state in the country” Alaska: let me introduce myself...

Author — Jaime Amezcua


To bad the gas masks for the bugstar approach can't protect you from the gas in the vault.

Author — damian_fam02


The way I did Aggressive was I choose the Sewer Tunnel as the Entrance and got into the basement where the vault was, killed the guards, and we blasted the vault door. Then we exit I choose the Staff door to go into the back of the Casino and ran pass the Horse track, climbed over the fence, stole a NPC car, drive down to the sewers, lost the cops, and we were able to get to the buyer. It was pretty easy and smooth.

Author — SoraFan23


"Where do these Texans come from ?"

I don't know, I would probably say Texas

Author — Sra-main


Remember no hostages, We are going fuze style

Author — DeadlyZGamer


Well, that was a successful little caper, look like you get and additional 20 seconds, after the gas.

Author — Madmax714211


I like the guy just say oh shit not agen like its a eveyday ting

Author — Mapgamingdk 1997


I wish we could kill the buyer and his guards at the drop and keep EVERYTHING.

Author — benekaiwi1


I love that ending cutscene when you give
The buyer only one of your bags
Rockstar logic is real
Btw very nice video ghillie

Author — Scottish wanker


I sad you didn’t bust through the sewers in a emoji mask

Author — NekoMikoYe


Thank you so much for this route, I just got $2, 814, 859 at the end, 25% each, $534, 823!!

Author — Brad H


Remember no hostages, we are going FUZE style

Author — HIT EM DOWN-


I did all of them! Aggressive was the most fun and best take!
Aggressive. Money as a take entrance through front and exit through side door chose the Sugoi as getaway 3 players
Big Con. Artwork went in as security guards exited through waste did pretty good
Silent. Artwork went in at Helipad exit through waste. Not fun IMO

Author — X-90


It's so annoying that our characters take cash or pictures so slow. I mean cmon we have literally 3 or 4 minutes do it fast lol

Author — Raffaello


Yesss! Been waiting for you guys to take on this one! Awesome vid as always Ghillie.

Author — Teja


“I know Texas is the biggest state in the country but geez”

Everyone stays disrespecting Alaska smh 🤦‍♂️

Author — NonBuddy25


GhillieMaster: poooommm!!
nice sound effects.

Author — Skeg seth


Keep doing more of these I love watching you and your crew !!

Author — Matthew_Perry


I wished that they at least increase the take like they did to the Big Score.

Author — Diligent One-Six