Serbian War Veterans Operating in Crimea: Russian Roulette in Ukraine

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Serbian War Veterans Operating in Crimea: Russian Roulette in Ukraine 4.5

As Russians stream into Crimea to help wrestle it away from Ukraine, an unlikely group of Serbian war veterans, who have experience fighting in Bosnia, Croatia and Kosovo, are turning up at the checkpoints too. VICE News reporter Simon Ostrovsky follows Russian troops as they continue their occupation of Ukrainian military bases, and learns about unidentified men in masks attacking journalists reporting on the situation in the peninsula.

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Who ever is translating, is very bad at it.



The Serb from Krusevac did NOT say “we’re here to show them it’s better to not resolve the issue internally, ” he said “we’re here to share our experiences from the (wars in ex Yugoslavia) because it’s better to not kill each other” “pobiju medju sebe” literally means kill each other

Author — Stefan Damnjanov


He said "Our skull" not "Our school".

Author — Linker Genosse


That guy took of his glove to shake hand with the reporter even though he was walking away. That was a really nice thing to do.

Author — Gnitto Incco


The sentence at 1:54, the real translation is "to not fall for/under the lies of the US and EU that their lives will be better if they kill/fight/make war on each other".

The real translation is suprisingly, shockingly, even suspiciously gandhian, it's a shame it's not reflected in the subtitles.

Author — dosadnizub


Сербский народ всегда будет нам Русским братским народом и в Христе и в жизни! Дай бог вам долгой и счастливой жизни!

Author — Владимир Соколиков


I only continued to watch because of that guy's beard and hat.

Author — Bard


5:25 That guest of removing his glove to shake hands is very humble and honorable.
That is a nice guy right there.

Author — joksokm


A small note: russian volunteers always came to help serbians when they were *invaded* but now serbian volunteers come to help russians *invading* others, actually christian-orthodoxs by the way.

Author — dreacul


greeks serbs and Russians fighting in Crimea nice like good times

Author — manolios


поздрав за све русе и остале православне народе

Author — Bora Stankovic


Complete ignorance of Orthodoxy / Christianity displayed by Vice here when they focus the camera on the badge of the Serb soldier depicting a skull and the skull under the Cross of Christ in the church, implying that Orthodoxy is a warlike religion. The skull depicted under the Holy Cross is the skull of Adam, the first man, on whom it is said that the blood of Christ dropped, raising him from Hades. It is a symbol for the redemption of mankind through the sacrifice of Christ, a symbol of hope for the resurrection.

Author — Hans S


1:53 accurate translation is actually:
"...the lies of Amrica and EU who tell them it would be better if they slaughter each other internally."

Author — The Philotimer184


What a glorious beard. That’s awesome.

Author — Brick Stonesonn


Why did i find myself wanting him to get beat up like the other reporter when he showed up to that air base near the end lol

Author — nick SOULE


Ok Youtube I watched it, leave me alone!

Author — Silver FX


There is no such thing as Serbian Liberation Army, the only army that existed in the Jugoslav wars was the JNA aka. Jugoslav Natiomal Army.

Author — Nikola Todorovic


Спасибо, сербы. Вы настоящие братья всем славянам, мало слов и много дела. Спасибо.

Author — Горностай


a camera and a guy with glasses do not make a smart piece of journalism necessarily...
amazing fact, isn't it?

Author — Vladimir Petrović


3:30 He attempted to kill Milosovic? I take back everything I said, this guy clearly had the right idea in Serbia. Hopefully he comes around and helps out the Ukraine.

Author — prograde