Steve Downes (Master Chief) Halo Fest, Voices

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Steve Downes, in the "Halo: Universe (Day 2)" Panel, with Martin O'donnell, Jen Taylor, Pete Stacker, and more.
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That one scream he let out when he mentioned a grenade explosion was used in halo 2 when you fell of a cliff in multiplayer but it happened very rarely

Author — The Fright Life


Marty brings the reason for the nostalgia in the aftermath of Halo. He is like the royal concession that we never knew we needed. While Steven is very true to his persona after all of this time we see it even here.

Author — R.C


I heard that Yahoooo one when I was playing Halo 2 one time. Me and my friend were playing, and one of us was in a ghost and the other would try to blow it up. We did that for like an hour and hear him do the scream thing once. I've never heard it again since then. :(

Author — Andrew Hill


I never get tired of watching Jen Taylor jump in her seat when the screaming starts.

Author — Jensaarai One


From 8.19, too familiar and absolutely cos I died too many times so I recognise all the different sounds :)

Author — Skittles2628


I like the way Jen laughs when Marty says "Scum Townie No. 1."

Author — NorthWriter


Holy crap!  Did the Master Chief just

Author — TEXAStooTAL L


My favorite quote "to give the covenant back their bomb."

Author — Paul Young


I dont know when this fest took place but im guessing long ago, seeing how steve has more hair. So, we're not talking about the actors who spend the most time together in most halos who've never actually met in person, rather a time period of maybe a few months into the making of the legendary Halo: Combat Evolved.

Author — Doom Slayer


How the hell could they not have met??

Author — Nans Florent


Someone needs to mod those screams into Halo 1.

Author — doltBmB


He sounds like Woody from ToyStory when he does the pain sounds

Author — The Kid


Lol the 1st game Steve does, makes him sound like a space marine.

Author — Halomaniac1234


8:09 "Who's testicle did you step on" lmao

Author — why does YouTube allow people to have names this long? This is kind of ridiculous don't you think?


omg that table...the best persons are in the same table...

Author — Fosi94


Anyone know the music played at the start of this video?

Author — M Alva


And steve downes is next to her and he's "master chee"

Author — Jesse Asner


8:14 "which testicle did you step on?" XD

Author — NutBuster420


Lmao at 8:09 you hear someone mention a testicle.

Author — Matty B


Which one is where he says ''Oh, I can stick it"?

Author — K12 A13