Heroes of Newerth Avatar Spotlight - Stonewall Pebbles

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HoN 3.9.3 - New Soccer Pebbles Avatar: Stonewall Pebbles

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It's obviously a foul to throw one's opponents across the pitch, but so far Newerth's soccer officials haven't said anything about chucking teammates, and until they do Stonewall Pebbles is going to keep dropping his fellow defenders onto the opposing team's strikers and completely disrupt their offensive strategy. If the opponents happen to slip through that first line of defense, there's no need to panic Stonewall considers everything this side of midfield to be his property, and trespassers are not allowed. Should things become truly dire and the strikers actually catch site of his goal, Stonewall may lose his temper just a bit and clear the ball (and the entire opposing team, the refs, and a few hooligan fans) out of the stadium.

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What is the release date of this patch? Do any one know when Stonewall Pebbles sets his feets on newerth?

Author — Eskil Hansen


มันควรจะเป็น zlatan ibrahimovic หรือไม่ก็ Hulk

Author — STY EZ


แทนที่จะทำตัวอื่นนะผมว่า ไม่เหมือนเลยอะ

Author — Louis Casillas CK