Things are happening all over the world that could crack the global economy: Insana

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Things are happening all over the world that could crack the global economy: Insana 4.5
CNBC's "Power Lunch" breaks down the major market sell-off with Michael Farr of Farr, Miller & Washington, Jack Ablin of Cresset Wealth Management and Ron Insana, a CNBC contributor.

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And this will go on downhill.. He will be re-elected.. This is hilarious. See you next black Monday.

Author — Isse Mexfincano


These corporate media financial shows are hilarious...they don't even mention selling short.

Author — ragusajr100


*I knew Trump was crazy the first time I saw his hair cut*

Author — avalon2199


Hand too product drive in theater has back seat investment soiling family ride kids play

Author — Carolina QUANONNE


With Amerivans holding the most debt theyve EVER HAD shouldnt CNBC be telling citizens to back away from the credit cards and STOP shopping?! The Media and the Fed don't care about the indebtedness of Americans and the stress it entails.

Author — Skinny Bones Jones


An inverted yield curve is caused by a loss of investment confidence, distorting the statistics. A loss of long- term investment confidence has the power to generate a recession; it can also create a bull-run in gold. Similarly, it creates preppers, who might collect together a pantry not dependent upon power; or people who withdraw their funds from banks, or people who build an underground shelter. Threats and counter- threats in political powers shows that financial instability begins as government policy. All these people are showing an educated response to try to protect themselves and their assets; and they are the BRIGHT ones. There are also some who have searched in God's word for the solution, and they FOUND it.
The financial storm brewing in the EU results in the collapse of the Euro. Ezekiel 7: 19 Revelation 18: 17 Psalms 46: 4-6. We approach the time of worldwide 'wrath' Revelation 11: 18: "The nations became wrathful, and Your [God's] own wrath came; and the time came to ruin those ruining the earth." Israel will declare: "Peace and security!" 1Thessalonians 5: 2, 3 and Iran will BOMB them; Daniel 11: 44, 45 due to their great anger when their nuclear assets were destroyed by pilots. This 'sudden destruction' has worldwide implications, and the US joins the war against Iran immediately. Daniel 8: 20, 23-25.

My purpose is to inform as many people as possible how to survive the Great tribulation. Psalms 68: 11: "Jehovah Himself gives the saying: The women telling the good news are a large army." This begins with the truth found in God's word. John 17: 17. The survivors are already found in God's Kingdom at the outbreak of distress, when Christ arrives. Matthew 25: 31, 34. This is why they are protected and healed during the Great tribulation. Matthew 24: 14, 21, 22. They can therefore be described as survivors with confidence. Revelation 7: 9, 14- 17 The 'tribulation' found in Matthew 24: 29, 30 is also the arrival of Christ 'in power and great glory'. This is also the 'sudden destruction', when "Peace and security!" is declared in Israel, 1Thessalonians 5: 2, 3 as the False prophecy of the False prophet Revelation 19: 20; and Iran BOMBS them Daniel 11: 44, 45 introducing Jehovah's Day of anger with battle and distress appearing in Gaza, Ashdod, Ashkelon and Ekron Zephaniah 2: 1-11 while Christ told us to 'get out of Judea' at this time Mark 13: 16 because it is a time of missiles war. 2Peter 3: 10. During the 'hissing', 'roaring' missiles, Christ arrives in power earth-wide, because the political system has been thrown out of power by Jehovah. Satan, [Gog of Magog Rev 20: 1-10] came upon the 'soil of Israel', Ezekiel 38: 18, 19 and Jehovah responded by changing the worldwide government. That is why the survivors are found to be already in God's Kingdom when Christ arrives; as seen in Matthew 25: 31, 34.
The Great tribulation has broken out; and along with the war between the US, allies and Iran there is also a war between Russia and the financially collapsed EU Ezekiel 7: 19-22. In addition, the original destruction of Iran's nuclear assets by pilots refuelling in Saudi Arabia sets all 23 Arab states into conflict and bloodshed having a Sunni-vs-Shea character. Jeremiah 25: 24-26, and this results in large scale arson in the oil and petrol refinery industry. Psalms 37: 20. So we see a time of financial meltdown Psalms 46: 4-6 is also a time of fuel destruction, that leaves transport and industry stranded.
The Great tribulation is a five month crisis that is cut off by Jehovah when the wicked are all destroyed Psalms 92: 7 Psalms 37: 8-10. This five months conforms to the flood of Noah Matthew 24: 37 that is seen in Genesis 7: 24 as a 150 day event when the flood went over the tops of all mountains. This conforms to the five months of distress found in prophecy in Revelation 9: 5, 10.
This planet is to be cleansed and redeveloped and re-established until it resembles a Paradise Luke 23: 43. Even the dead of former times are coming back, as actual accounts and prophecy shows. Acts 24: 15 Revelation 20: 13 Mark 5: 42.
All this detailed history is written in advance to create FAITH based on information and understanding Romans 10: 13-15 because Jehovah is bringing in the biggest rescue of faithful mankind John 3: 16 ever in history; due to the worst man-made cataclysm in all human history. So the written prophecy 2Peter 1: 20, 21 is to greatly increase the numbers of those being saved.
The time of man's rule over man is over Romans 9: 28 with these events; and the political system will be EXECUTED Revelation 19: 11, 19-21 for causing the deaths of billions, while breaking the system down into chaos.
The time of Christ's Rule Revelation 11: 15, 18 Matthew 24: 29, 30 and also His heavenly brothers Revelation 5: 10 BEGINS earth-wide; and when the wicked are destroyed; Psalms 92: 7 the Great tribulation is OVER.
There is now a 'new heavens', ruling over a 'new earth' Revelation 21: 1 and YOU ALSO CAN LIVE THROUGH THIS TIME AND THEN EXPERIENCE EVERLASTING LIFE IN PARADISE.John 17: 3, Luke 23: 43; John 3: 16 Psalms 37: 11, 29.

Author — Kay Bass


Daily 💊 Daily 💊💊💊 and I hope you are having a good 👍time.

Author — L C


seems to me a lot of Chinese speakers on this site

Author — thegowerboy


SPXU - economy is over. Gold if China say next few weeks it will not buy US debt anymore.

Author — VladimirSushko


but all the investors, CEO's, hedge fund managers, private equity fat cats have put him in power - is he out of control or is this their plan?  this would be excellent if your goal is destabilization of the world -

Author — Mr Underhill


Is possible to see a new BLACK MONDAY again?? It’s very difficult to repeat in % the one of 1987 but if the weekend gap is very high there is a chance to see a black monday. Let’s buy on sale!!🥂

Author — Sergi Vera Martínez


1:01 ''we've seen some remarkable comments from the president''

a diplomatic way of saying the guy is a complete lunatic

Author — Strawberry Kiys


We all know the feds expansion of credit followed by a bust followed by more credit followed by a bust and more credit followed by another bust have destroyed America. So yes the fed is the biggest enemy of the American people. It has finally reached the point that the imbalances are so big their are no more debt salves to found. The whole thing might topple. The banks caused the crisis and then were rewarded for doing so. It is all a charade we all know they can’t stop printing money or it all falls down. We will continue to have a deflationary bust. Or continue printing and have an inflationary collapse. At least during the Great Depression prices fell. Instead we will have a Great Depression where prices are rising.

Author — Jamie Kloer


If you are worried talking oneself into a recession then stop talking about it!

Author — Prajwal Shetty


How is it that nobody's talking about VP Pence's Oct, 2018 speech at the Hudson Institute when Pence declared economic & intellectual "war, " & even physical push- back, on the Communist Chinese? Hmmm?

Author — Steve Butler


He doesn’t know jack, only knows how to serve Putin.

Author — Pat Bhukkanasut


I'm not a fan of Trump's puppet masters—Trump himself dangling from strings like everyone else in DC—but calling the Chairman of the FED an enemy of America is, obviously, correct. Refresh your mind about just what the FED is, who benefits and who loses. Listen to economist, Mike Maloney, on YouTube cover this subject clearly and eloquently.

Author — Tomas Nofziger


Remarkable comments? These people are trying to speak in a way that will not panic the world. Clearly there is nowhere to turn. The world is in chaos, and trump is to blame. trump has not just destroyed the USA, he has made certain that his destructive nature has done maximum damage everywhere. The markets don't matter to anyone but the rich and big business and these commentators.

Author — Boyd Gilbreath


I think the president is using all the tools available to him to get a fair chance, the technology has gone up and we have a president that’s knows how to use it so to ha e a fair avenue, the stocks are just adjusting back to the normal. It will all be for the good of America and it citizens.

Author — Rodney Christensen


Trump tax cuts are going to end up fuelling investment in emerging markets now that U.S. growth is slowing...

Author — Dan Cardoza