The moment parliament was suspended for five weeks amid Brexit crisis

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The moment parliament was suspended for five weeks amid Brexit crisis 4.5



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Are you saying I have to wait 5 weeks for a new season this is Ridiculous!!!

Author — Farmer hannon


It's like a scene of Harry Potter's Ministry of Magic

Author — Mark Daniel Louwe


I couldn't give a flying flamingo. lol

Author — LFC Spectre


US politics are immature, time wasting, money wasting, and ran like a circus.

British politics: Hold my mead...

Author — Rob L.


Is this the end of season 3 now ? Absolute joke

Author — james pitt


"Get out, man! You will not be missed!" Lol! I'm going to start using that line.

Author — Audial Asphyxiation


Can we bring back Monty Python with a sketch labelled "How not to run parliament"?

Author — Nigel 61


3 month summer recess, 5 week closure now ... can I be an MP please? Soooo much time off!

Author — Ad Lockhorst


I love how angry and political Bercow has got since he set his date to step down

Author — Alex Swinton


When fact becomes much stranger than fiction.

Author — irishsiri100


This is disgraceful the respect has gone from this place! It is now full of thugs and morons, who will suffer at the general election when we are allowed one!

Author — Falco 666


How we used to laugh at other countries' parliaments and their lack of decorum. Shame on us.

Author — Village Blunder


Google Oliver Cromwell's speech to parliament....

Very spooky indeed.

Author — Mark Gable


A room full of children trying to shout over each other.

Author — EziosBladez


Whay kind of a ridiculous spectacle is this?

Author — linas.m


Good save there: " I couldn't give a flying

Author — Setantii Albs


This is a clown show. An embarrassment for the following generation.

Author — Kenneth Alexander


The good news is that no one is talking about Frexit any more on the other side of the Chanel.

Author — Boris J


In which world are the living, is this real?

Author — B. Ciernioch


To date I have been watching parliament for about 2 years now. I live outside the United Kingdom and find the whole thing to be extremely fun to watch. It’s much like watching a football match, for political junkies.

The one thing that is good / different about U.K. Politics opposed to where I live, is that good, mostly healthy debate still goes on in the House of Commons. People still take the time to lay out their plans and ideas. Whereas my government can’t be bothered to even show up to work half of the time because they are campaigning for Re-election or they are parading themselves on the national news.

Author — GoldenFalcon2