Is it Possible to Beat New Super Mario Bros Wii While Touching Every Coin?

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How could you do such a thing? These coins are EVIL!

Author — Nicobbq


In other words:
-Attempting Solo: NO
-Playing Solo W/ Spare Controllers: NO
-Having 3 Friends: YES

Author — Lylum Gaming


Game Devs: Let's add some flowers to add to the atmosphere of the level. Also, they should have coins inside them to give them some use.
Nathaniel Bandy: Do you have any idea what you just did to me???

Author — Zyphon


The title should have been "How to play New Super Mario Bros Wii like your playing New Super Mario Bros 2."

Author — Leif Dude


If I remember correctly the meteors break when they come into contact with a player. You could possibly use players on top of the coin blocks to act as a shield.

Author — E


Playing the game *correctly*? It'll never work.

Author — Gamechamp3000


"6-4 was possible to and was a fun level to run to!"
Yoshi: No it wasn't

Author — Insomnis


1:30 Nathaniel: "Now, I don't have anyone nearby to play with."
(Door is chopped open)
"Here's Bathaniel!"

Author — Chungus Among Us


Nathaniel: * Is about to complete NSMBW while collecting all the coins *

Meteors and Poison Gas: I'm about to end this man's whole career.

Author — Ultimate Sonic95


Legends say that Luigi is still flying in a bubble

Author — Konstantinos Konstantinou


"Have you ever gone out of your way to collect coins in Mario?"

My mom: *Y e s*

Author — Tinkaboo123 X3


luigi in bubble for 90% of the game: please save me brother

Author — Niamh W


7:37 that can't be done, right?
**coin collecting madness**
That's right. I actually pulled this crap off on my own. It was like a crazy Science experiment doing this. But now we know that 2-2 is possible.

Author — Destiny Rodriguez


“Luigi was nice enough to the jump into lava for me”


Author — SudoWoofie Animations!


Wait, so how do you know you didn't miss any invisible blocks?

Also, what about the hidden rooms in 5-2? There's one for every path that goes to the top of the screen.

Author — bldhf


What is good about your videos is you have good logic! Your rules do not seem unfair and are well justified! Like, the coin level with the coins blowing by in the wind... the fact that they respawn instantly disqualifies them... and then, you adding the idea of not being able to collect any of them just made the experience feel all the more true to task!

Author — Mister Burger


Shoutout to luigi for keeping this whole run together. What a standup guy!

Author — Mmm Applesauce


Nice video. A tip for breaking the blocks with multiple coins. Ground pound the blocks and you get more coins and the coins that spew out are less likely to fall into a death pit.

Author — Andrew Grindley


For the multi-coin block, it actually works better if you ground pound the block. The coins will come out simultaneously and not fall down either pit.

Author — Miguel Mercado


*Can You Beat Super Mario Wii Without Abusing Luigi?*

Author — Ikhwan Animations Beyond Weebular