Hasan Minhaj Won't Say Trump's Name On His Show

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Hasan Minhaj Won't Say Trump's Name On His Show 5

'Patriot Act' star Hasan Minhaj draws inspiration from 'Harry Potter' when deciding whether or not to say the President's name out loud.

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I just cringe every time someone mispronounces Hasan's name.

Author — Heather Hall


I love how he's unapologetically Muslim.

Author — Ayshaa Ali


Patriot act is fantastic! It's similar to John Oliver in that its hugely educational as well as really funny! We need to have more programs like this!!!

Author — Anne-Marie Clulow


For me the HP character that represents Trump most is not Voldemort, it's Gilderoy Lockhart.

Author — MariP


no alcohol or saying his name. good job! Keep your system clean!

Author — betterdayz2nite


Real talk. I'm a huge conservative....patriot act is actually a really smart show. I didn't used to like this guy but jesus he is smart and makes good points. I'm now a fan

Author — A Trusty


"Oh no, I can't drink on camera..." That was serious honesty lol

Author — Gracie C.


Wtf he looks like he's still late 20's

Author — Samuel BTr


I love how witty he is, he's definitely been in Trevor Noah's shadow on the daily show. Seen his show its like Ted talk meets late night. I love it

Author — Tyrone McIntyre


"He who shall not be named, like - I know he exists, I just don't want to give him the attention." Agreed!!! LMAO

Author — Lisa Cordray


Is it just me or did Colbert look scared and intimidated the entire interview...THAT’S WHY Minhaj said what he said at the end 😂😂😂

Author — Jona Nanette


COLBERT: Is voting bae?
HASAN: I would say voting is lit🔥

Author — Aishwarya Net


why it seems like where ever hassan goes he makes it somewhat his own show :P

love you bro .... respect <333

Author — Ahmed Sajawal


Mad respect to Hasan not drinking alcohol

Author — gula-gula getah sabah


Son of a gun... the damn tone he said that whole story with...

'Out of the 37 late night hosts... they happen to be the first one with brown Melanin skin !
.... Yeaa you should be scared !''


Author — siva s


Ha sahn Min haj. Not hasan minaj he’s not Nicki Manaj’s Indian relative.

Author — Its Bonz


Can we all take a minute to appreciate how sexy Hasan Minhaj looks. Dammm😍

Author — dbabeh41


😂😂 no one getting the “Minternet” joke at the beginning

Author — whatsmyname


Hasan is right. I might laugh occasionally when I watch Colbert. I laugh AND LEARN so much when I watch Hasan's Patriot Act. The amount of research and graphical presentation breakdown that goes into each episode is astounding. Stephen, all your episodes combined can't compare (in terms of all the laughs and education I get). It's just shitting on Trump - stuff we already know. I always thought Colbert was a great witty comedian. But he is nothing compared to Minhaj.

Author — MapleMeHoney


"see this minternet? apple cider" i love him

Author — Habiba Mostafa