Trump delivers remarks on religious liberty

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Trump delivers remarks on religious liberty 5
President Trump meets with survivors of religious persecution before flying to North Carolina this evening for a re-election rally.

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These are the real refugees we should help, not the economic migrants south of the border.

Author — jwang604


Obama did nothing for persecuted Christians around the world!

Author — True Core


The left wants to eradicate Christianity. We must stop them.

Author — Dixon Lineberger


At the end of the day, they come to America for help, for strength, because nobody is fighting for them except Americans.

Author — Purple Set


Media says he's racist

*Surrounds himself with non-white people and takes the time to listen to all of them*

Author — xxdarkslayer lord


What a sight to see people of all backgrounds standing with our Great President, we don't hate people of color, we hate America Haters

Author — Jeffrey Binder


Thank God we have the constitutional right to worship as we please.
God bless the USA.

Author — Mr. Peterson


Of course CNN doesn't cover this and is still trying to paint Trump as a racist.

Author — Political Foolishness


This country was founded on belief in God - not Allah!

Author — Lou ann Huber


Our President looks so tired. He is the most absolutely abused American leader we've ever seen. He will never quit fighting for our country. Pray hard for him!

Author — Jean Hawaii


President Trump we are all with you. Trump 2020. There is no better president and the 4 donkeys have nothing on you. All true Americans stand with you.

Author — Kim Daniels


Mr. President, I am very proud of YOU. I am solidly in favor of EVERYTHING you are doing for our great country. This is an especially beautiful thing you've done.

Author — Marcia Nelson



Author — VIPE


I've never looked up to anyone in my life as much as I do Mr.Trump. When he crashed though the door into the White House, he was clearly learning how to operate in the position. He's become a master at it now, it's a privilege to watch him help millions of people. Love from Canada! MAGA

Author — Simon Wilson


Hearing their stories is so sad to hear . Here in usa we have people saying usa is is bad- the Dems have no clue how lucky we are living in the usa 💕💕🇺🇸

Author — OH Yeh!


Notice at 11:43 Trump offers his hand to the lady who is asking for help. Very heartfelt. Love it! Trump2020🇺🇸👍🏻👍👍🏾

Author — ROCK USA


Man, my Jaw dropped after the Nobel peace prize winner spoke about her story, and thought wow she saw a lot of evil, and then that old white lady comes along and is like, "I'm a Holocaust Survivor and the world is still the same." People forget that the holocaust was the biggest threat too religious freedom durring that era, and it's still going on today.

Author — jake fink


Such a shame.😔
You think you have it bad and you hear these kind people and horrible things that happen to them.
People who say they hate America needs to listen to this.
Far too often we take for granted how good we have here in America.
Thank you President Trump for fighting not only for our Country but others in other countries. Thank you . God bless these people. 🙏
Iraq needs to protect these people.. These Countries need to learn from President Trump and value their people. So horrible to hear all this .
President Trump what pressure you have on you.
Other people from other Countries look to you also.

Author — Jane Irish


Our President is a brilliant and very compassionate man. Many thanks also to Ambassador Brownbeck for doing the most important work on this earth. Religious freedom keeps hope alive. Those who promote it are the living angels among us.

Author — j makara makara


Funny how you'll see so little of this side of Trump from the MSM. I live in GB and id never see this side of him here.

Author — pbr streetgang