Who Was The Real William Wallace? | Braveheart: Fact or Fiction | Timeline

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Who Was The Real William Wallace? | Braveheart: Fact or Fiction | Timeline 4.5

Tony Robinson goes on the trail of William Wallace, the Scottish warrior whose story was told in the film Braveheart.

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"The English accused Wallace of ethnic cleansing".The kettle calling the pot black would be an understatement!

Author — Oriain


Why is the freaking music three tines louder than the narrator?!

Author — Димитър Стоянов


Every time I see Tony Robinson do one of these documentaries, I still keep expecting to hear him say "I have a cunning plan my Lord!"

Author — Cugel Channel


Who doesn't enjoy Tony Robinson's work ?
Everything he's ever done has been excellent from Blackadder to Time Team, and plenty more besides - he's perfect for this format.

Author — Ian Macfarlane


Scotland the land where kings & Queens are born 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

Author — Lioness Queen


Im an englishman and a want to say William Wallace thoroughly deserves his heroic place in world history not just Scottish history, it's important to understand the time in which historical figures lived to truly understand them, their actions may seem brutal but human warfare has never been clean, ive studied wallace for 20 years and he is the man who never bowed to english sovereignty which is why hes easily one of the most celebrated national heroes ever with a 700 year legacy and statues world wide to his memory

Author — William Wallace


I feel like it's highly likely that the English chronicles of Wallace's brutal treatment of women and clergy were made up. They had every reason to slander him. I doubt very much that his intention was to ethnically cleanse the English as that is incredibly unrealistic, he simply wanted Scottish independence. We'll never know exactly what kind of a man he was but I'd take anything written about him by his enemies with a pinch of salt.

Author — Juicelad


I want so much to watch this but the background music is too loud.

Author — Charnell Coetzer


ANY commander who fights 'fair' in a war and loses because of doing so should be hung. Wars are mass murder and to be avoided under NEARLY all circumstances (tragically most are fought for evil purposes) The English did the same at Crecy, Poitiers and Agincourt to great success, so whining by conquerors are the whine of a rapist that got blooded unexpectedly. Wallace did 100% right. The conquerors always call their prey 'terrorists' for resisting THEIR murderous invasions!

Author — MegaRaven100


I remember having to watch Braveheart in history class. We had to decide how accurate each scene was to history and present it to the class. One of the groups titled their presentation "The Battle of Stirling's Invisible Bridge" because in the film there was no bridge and they fought in a field.

Author — Tay Keir


I do love Tony Robinson and really enjoy these Timeline stories, but... the sound editor REALLY needs the sack! Good grief, how awful that the background sounds and music are LOUDER than Tony's voice! >.<

Author — Lori B


Wonder what Wallace would make of the 3rd world invasion in our current era?

Author — C Lonie


Used to love watching Time Team. 4:26 " feudal overload the Medieval equivalent of Mafia dons" love the way that is explained..

Author — Paw X Paw


Pointless to argue who was the baddest dude in all of this. They were all seriously sick farkers, English and Scots when judged by present days standards. And that is how it was back in the day!

Author — Stewart W.


I can hardly hear what he's saying for the loud music. It doesn't need any music.

Author — sheila ward


Moral of the story: don’t drink and horse!

Author — Jazz G


Thank god, yet another program presented by baldrick. We can’t get enough of him. Until this minor actor is promoted to prime minister I will not be happy.

Author — augnkn93043


One definite thing is true Wallace did exist but nothing like braveheart which is a haggis western

Author — Birkbecks


The movie Braveheart is a great work of fiction. The only true event depicted in the movie is his loss at Stilling to longshanks. He never met the French maiden, there was no prima nocta because the nobles wouldn't have stood for that. He and the Earl of Bruce never met. He was drawn and quartered. Otherwise it's a great work of fiction.

Author — Robert bishop


derp. Fiction. Robert the Bruce was a hero, and nothing like the coward portrayed in the braveheart movie.

Author — JoeNoobie