‘Gay conversion therapist’ comes out: Exclusive interview

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‘Gay conversion therapist’ comes out: Exclusive interview 4.5

For decades, Mr Matheson - a Mormon - ran retreats offering therapy to suppress or manage sexuality, - claiming to help people live as straight men rather than gay.

In an exclusive interview with this programme he's now conceded that the practice, which almost 700,000 Americans have undergone, is not only built on a harmful philosophy but should be banned.

We are also joined from New York by Chaim Levin, who twice attended retreats co-founded by David Matheson.


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People didn't know he was gay? I mean, gaydar is screaming.

Author — Metonymy1979


People have literally killed themselves because of undergoing this man’s ‘therapy’.

Author — Libby Lakhsmi


It's hardly a surprise that he's gay. Most big time homophobes are gay, they're simply trying to deny homosexuality exists so they don't have to admit to themselves that they're gay.
It's text book stuff.

Author — Message in a Bottle


Dickhead. Saying sorry and coming out at 50 doesn't automatically get rid of the amount of harm he's inflicted in his lifetime. Even if it's all due to being in denial.

Author — Vicky OfficialUnicorn


This guy should be ashamed of himself for what he put kids through for years.

Author — Dennis Mullen


Glad he has come out and admitted he was so wrong. He now needs to spend the rest of his life atoning for the evil he perpetrated.

Author — Peter Nolan


So many deaths and suicides at your hand...

Author — Liam Lohan


Waiting for my homophobic father to come out 👀

Author — //SuperAsh4U//


Good for him but I can't help but resent the massive harm he inflicted. Utah has astronomical rates of teen suicide, largely due to how LGBT folks are treated. I'm glad he's being his true self and he does seem sorry but it's just so heart-breaking and maddening

Author — Eva do Couto


Knowing that this is STILL going on in 2019 is DISGUSTING & DANGEROUS!



OH, gay conversion "therapy" doesn't work? Wow! Who could've known?


Author — Aurora Wolfe


Vice president Mike Pence also believes in conversion therapy. I now wonder what he's also hiding.

Author — CALife


I'd rather go straight than date him so I guess his therapy may work in some cases

Author — Gunnhild Edwards


I was sent to conversion therapy in my early 20's and my therapist was SOOO HOT! I clicked on this hoping it was him. It's not. :(

Author — apatameh


its weird how he won't outwardly denounce conversion therapy but will denounce all aspects of it ???

Author — Hannah R


Humans are so predictably irrational. It would be funny if not for all of the suffering he must have left behind.

Author — Ivan Alonso


He can't even give straight answers when it comes to denouncing it. He sounds like a politician. If he truly feels bad he would spend the rest of his life making up for this and fighting against this treatment.

Author — cotton eyed hoe


I feel like everyone deserves a second chance but I’m really having a hard time finding sympathy for or forgiving this man.

Author — Patrick Flannery


Not the least bit shocking, this actually happens all the time.

Author — BlaizeV


His retreat sounds like a tantric S&M dungeon orgy

Author — gavrilo pricip